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One was produced in the same way as the Avedis cymbals of the day. This is a smaller logo. We'll review these again in the next section. Not all sellers are knowledgeable they haven't read this site yet and it pays to clarify what they mean if no suitable picture is supplied.

Nice hihat bottom for todays standards, but maybe a 'ride' in ? One is the partially missing bottom of the T of Turkish, and the other is the specific form of the cross bar indicated in the illustration. First Stamp ss First Stamp ss This stamp has the prewar arabic script and a very low 'made in usa'.

Zildjian used these in the s and '50s. But when you compare the 60s stamps to the late s small stampin the s the Ottoman portion also appears bold. Any of those 3 places may be used as the top to measure from. This is a subtle difference and how clearly it appears depends on how well the die stamp is pressed in.

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But, we have 2 problems. I tend to treat all specific year references as "plus or minus a year or two".

Since 1623

First only on the bottom with the Zildjian name logo in open black script logo. The A Zildjian and Cie Constantinople cymbals are usually a bit heavier in weight than a similar A Zildjian cymbal from the same time. Three main factors define Trans Stamps: Below is a picture of the stamp being measured with the ruler in place.

If you go bak to the very first photo in the s section that's the only flaw present in that particular pressing. They are, but what lets us tell them apart without measuring is the pattern of breaks or quirks. For examples of hammering on these Small Stamp cymbals go to the hammering page.

I've never seen the sample sizes or the raw data. But it is not the earliest A Zildjian cymbal in a brilliant finish. And while we are on the subject of unusual divergences, note that in the ad the brilliant finish is also available on Zilco cymbals.

This Zildjian logo is from a 14 inch, gram cymbal. So all of these AZCO stamps can be generally referred to as s. Hard to see in this photo is the "genuine turkish cymbals, made in usa" but it's there, it's a complete logo.

This list is different from the short stamp which has the flaws at the top of the Ottoman, AED but not Iand the upper portion of the comma. More examples of mistakes in the stamp department like double stamps, even double double stamps 4 can be found on the internet drumforums. The independent information you need is a purchase receipt, or a drum kit which is dateable and purchased at the same time.

There is a discussion of these here which has informed Zildjian cymbal stamp dating summary. But you should be aware that this usage is non standard, as are other things on that site.

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I haven't yet been able to determine if they represent an occasional pressing flaw, low spots on that particular die, that particular die starting to wear out, Introduction dating site something else.

Zildjian can be divided in 6 types as seen below. Notice the absence of the 3 dots in the Arabic logo.

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This is different from the traditional font used, although it seems the same as the font used for the Avedis Zildjian and Cie stamps. Trans Stamp ss This is the second type Zildjian stamp, also known as the Transition stamp.

Zildjian and the Z series. It depends on the level of proof you are looking for. The comments and dating are based on what I've learned from William Hartrick's article in Classic Drummer and my own common sense like cymbals that came with certain sets believed to be bought at the same time.