20 Ways to Use Tiger Balm | What's on Weibo 20 Ways to Use Tiger Balm | What's on Weibo

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Put some balm on every termite hole of the affected furniture, and they will die out.

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Tiger balm, essential balm and soothing balm picture by WhatsonWeibo. The rate has been rising for twelve consecutive years since When you got a cold and have a stuffed nose, it might help to put some balm right underneath and around the nostrils to let your nose clear up.

You can also rub a little bit of balm in between the tailbone and anal area for full effect, the list suggests.

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The new policy finds online support. But now the rules have changed, and this is no longer needed.

Getting divorced is not the end of the world. He was the son who later inherited the recipe of the balm, and turned Tiger Balm into a household name together with his brother.

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Rub the cream into the feet to help stimulate and improve circulation. In its Social Service Development Statistical Bulletin, the Chinese government recently reported that the national divorce rate soared to 2.

Rub some balm around the belly area to ease the stomach.

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For the early signs of a soar throat, apply tiger balm around the neck area before sleeping. Then the parents start to pressure them to get married.

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Tiger balm can also be useful when removing the remnants of stickers; rub some in, and you can peel it right off as also suggested by Vision Times. Freshen those stinky sneakers and shoes by putting some open packages of tiger balm where you keep your shoes.

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Out of Tiger Balm or still not have it in your cupboard. We are not sure about this one, please always first consult a doctor before applying this balm on babies!

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Tiger balm can help take away the itchiness by applying it directly to the sting. Bye bye bad smells! Corns and calluses on the feet may disappear after consistent use of tiger balm.

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As the user Yefuping says: For those with rheumatic pains, tiger balm can be used as a painkiller by applying it in the lower back area, legs, and directly on sore muscles and bones.