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Sure, it's just a boob job — but it's also that little thing that took [my self-esteem] over the edge. I felt like they were deformed, flat, and not the same size.

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I have been with 2 intact men in the past however, as well 11 circumcised men including the bf. Letting him take a break with oral, fondling etc gives him a chance to rest up while still getting him closer to orgasm helps a lot I've learned.


It doesn't happen as often as when we first started dating. But, the reality is that women experience the interplay between these narratives alongside breasts' many other roles and stories every day.

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So, this is kind of my tribute to women. It made me feel really great about myself.

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Having that surgery felt integral to my personal narrative. I thought she was talking about my lips.

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I might go through with it someday, but I want to have kids and breastfeed them first. I do love them a lot; I feel like [they] make me who I am In fact, a lot of women in my family — including my sister — have gotten breast reductions, so I've considered it.

Now, I've realized that they're just part of my body — I'm a curvy girl — so I really had to embrace them.

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I called maybe 12 different facilities telling them that I had found a lump and I was unsure about it. In that moment, I began to overcome shame about my changing body.

Early detection and persistence saved my life. I developed before all the other girls in my class, and middle-school boys were really mean about it. It wasn't always bad, but sometimes I just felt like a glorified blow up doll being jostled back and forth or up and down on the bed.

And, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Monthwe wanted to explore the complex relationship women have with their breasts.

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I was a competitive rower in high school and needed to step away from the sport for my body to find its happy, grown-up place. I felt so cool. You know your body.

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They can be beautiful; they can be a source of illness and pain. And, as much as I like my breasts, I kind of think of them as ticking time-bombs. I've had past boyfriends ask me if I'm going to get a boob job later in life and I'm always like, hell no.

I like the natural look.

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