He's fired. Who's next? He's fired. Who's next?

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Monday newscast, viewers were sending her emails saying he worked for Hydro One. Yes No Maybe Why we're better We've looked around at the other adult relationship sites and quite honestly, we weren't impressed.

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That was not the case with Connor Mcilvenna, a year-old who watched the Vancouver Stanley Cup riot without participating, yet posted photos of, and appreciative comments about, the wreckage on his Facebook page. She and her editors decided against using that information, she says, because she thought doing so would shift the focus off the FHRITP trend, which she desperately wants to stop.

But one was fired and, with that, both she and SendGrid became the targets of an epic Internet backlash. You can find out all about me just by responding and asking.


Strangers began shouting it at female journalists doing live hits, and it spread like a contagion from the sewers of the web.

When Twitter shaming works Within hours of CityNews posting the footage on its website, the clip had gone viral and the men were bobbing in a sea of social-media revulsion. IAC could at least argue that someone in her position should have noticed the chasm between the intended meaning of her tweet and its actual wording.

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But that, too, would be an uphill climb. I am one of those men, and I long tomeet a woman with whom to share that special love.

And there is no shortage of observers who cheered at Simoes getting his comeuppance.

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Within a week of the riot, though, Mcilvenna had been sacked from his job as a carpenter. Let's enjoy each other and see where that takes us. If Simoes belongs to the union—neither Hydro One nor either of the two major unions representing its workers would confirm it; Simoes could not be reached for comment—and he grieves his dismissal, past decisions suggest he might salvage his job.

Though Canadian courts have upheld the right of employers to protect their reputations, they must still meet a burden of proof that their reputations are under threat. Keeping an employee who espoused sexist views, very publicly, in intimidating language, it implied, would undermine those efforts.


There must, for example, be a discernible connection between the misconduct and the potential damage to the brand. The bacchanalia had ended with a Toronto loss, but civil order was not yet in force and, as Hunt set up to interview a pair of fans, a drunk man with a goatee lurched into the frame and spat out an all-too-familiar slur: Not likely, says Geoffrey Howard, a Vancouver-based lawyer who specializes in employment issues arising from connectivity in the workplace.

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The mere potential for harm, the court ruled, Whos dating who in south africa sufficient grounds to fire him. Still, Howard thinks the Simoes saga might yet surprise us. Getting started is easy, registration is free and takes less than a minute.

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