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Gabriella Mogale invents a fire-proof shack

Zakiyah Ebrahim 10 April These young minds are giving us hope for the future. At times we fear loss so much that we're afraid to succeed, but if anything, these teens are determined to be empowered and effect change.

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I want to be able to experience these things," says Mnggenggiswa. She came up with the concept, did the research and created a small shack to test her idea all over a period of just one month.

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The teenage writer and public speaker tackles issues that surround her on a daily basis — identity, self-worth, you name it. It's a page exploration where she questions everything around her. She indulges in "the curious, the deep and the unknown".

In an interview with SABC Digital News, she says reading "princess books" at a young age made her realise that the literary genre for kids was very limited; that telling young girls to be princesses was somewhat unfair.

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Share them with us here. I nstead, what little girls should be told, she says, is that they can and should be businesswomen, entrepreneurs or part of a movement that brings about transition.

Although her invention is still in the early stages, the great thing about it is that if it were to be put into practice, it would be inexpensive and something people can make themselves," she says.

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The launch was set to take place inand using information collected from the device, this means they will be able to collect agricultural data, helping the agricultural sector and African countries at large to improve their food security and plan for disasters.

In the video below, Bull explains her love for science started when she discovered how it could lead to solutions to major problems. If there's one thing we can take from their achievements, it's that young women should understand that their successes in society are all achievable without sacrificing their femininity.

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More importantly, she emphasises the importance of creating more programmes for women so that they can be empowered with science.

Meet the genius SA teens who invented a fire-proof shack, designed a satellite and self-published a book By: I want to see these things for myself.

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She wants other girls to look at her and say, "If this girl can do it, so can I". Foschini to sell doll South African girls can actually relate to Ripfumelo Nkomo is a self-published author at just 15 years old Writing manuscripts as early as eight years old, now year-old Nkomo is now the author of her first book, Indulge in the Profound.

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Speaking to the local paper, she said: