Hawaii Five-0 () -- Season 8 Episode Reviews - including Oddities, Goofs and Trivia Hawaii Five-0 () -- Season 8 Episode Reviews - including Oddities, Goofs and Trivia

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Phillips figured he would cover his ass if he found the part, but after examining it, he knows Sachs's plane crashed because of sabotage. This episode has certain parallels with three shows from the original Five-O: Mogera is the fall guy for all the hacking, blackmailed by Wright who found out Mogera had logged into some government computers.

They bring us up to date on the fate of Yakuza-connected Michelle Shioma who was "shanked to death in the showers at Kailua Correctional" something never mentioned on the show previously and a possible connection between that and the fact that Adam tainted with a Yakuza connection from his father, as we all know returned to Hawaii around the same time.

While he is showing himself to be an expert marksman on the Honolulu Police Academy Shooting Range, he is living in a shelter for homeless people and doesn't even have a cellular phone.

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It's all quite quaint, really. Of course the team now including Rey, despite Grover's objections has to follow him into the conflagration.

No animals were harmed. Five-Zero's computers were hacked into the night before, obtaining, among other things, a list of informants including Toast, Sang Min, Gerard Hirsch, Kamekona and several others.

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I don't think it is Martin Starr, the actual actor who played this character, seen in a gory close-up. A firefight ensues, but Walcott runs away while Grover and Tani are preoccupied with killing 5 of Okada's 6 thugs. McGarrett tells him to shut the hell up.

Rey, who looks like she weighs maybe pounds soaking wet, then attacks Duclair with various martial arts skills which she no doubt picked up at the police academy. If anything, the softer side he occasionally exhibits in Season 2 makes him even more badass.

This leaves us with a question: But from the time the phone was turned on to the time these words were actually said was approximately 41 seconds.

But there are other questions about how he could get access to this area, even if he was a real cop. When Grover deletes the video of Tani rescuing her brother, does Five-Zero have the ability to totally remove a video which is probably on some server at HPD headquarters? I guess they couldn't get Red Bull to be another corporate sponsor.

He alerts McGarrett, who was at the airport welcoming Adam home. At McGarrett's place, Junior looks up a video taken of him and Layla before he went off for his tour of duty, which suggests the two of them were going to get married.

Danno ridicules Jerry, saying he looks like Marie Antoinette. McGarrett tells him, "Danny and I have got this sure-fire business venture for when we retire. He tells Danno, "This guy making a call like that without a crucial piece of evidence, one of two things -- either he's a complete idiot, or he's hiding something.

Every combination of two or more characters you could ever imagine is shipped by someone and has had fanfiction written about it, period. A man in a hazmat suit comes in, fiddles with the wall, and doesn't answer anyone.

Fans of this show ever love their crack ships. Just because she was working at the bar?

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There is the usual blather such as people who are going to die soon will make, but Danno cannot shut up about nonsense like the waiting area in his and McGarrett's restaurant.

The presence of these boxes is different than during the chase where there were large wooden cases containing wine at the back of the truck, and, in fact, at the end of its journey after its driver is killed, the truck seems to go up a small hill at the side of the road, and these cases would likely have fallen out.

I want you to head up a special division within the Five-0 Task Force that focuses solely on organized crime on this island. Besides, you blokes don't have it so bad.

Touted as the "baddest bitch of all", she comes Back from the Dead as a new ruler of Hell and the Final Bossonly to be easily defeated after spending the whole episode getting stabbed, dying, and coming back to life again.

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Nixon's records are sealed, but McGarrett gets them unsealed almost immediately. Ronnie says that the National Transportation Safety Board NTSBwho just recovered the crashed plane, will likely say the accident was because of "pilot error," and Ronnie tells them that the pilot, Jason Sachs, also known as "The Shadow Baron," was an ace and "a good guy.

As unnecessary as this opening was, I have to admit a feeling of relief coming over me, that the restaurant wasn't actually going to be part of the show just yet. If the verdict is "pilot error," Sachs' family will not get any money from either the insurance company or Hammerade.

This seemed like more than might be expected of her. When she arrives at the meeting place, Monique is cornered, but pulls out a gun which she was keeping at her apartment for a rainy day. Meanwhile, Marissa gets away.