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Ramon won the match and was awarded the championship belt. The 1—2—3 Kid entered the match but was overpowered by Bomb and Diesel.

While Martel was distracted, Ramon pinned him to win the match. Ramon attempted the same move on Martel, but Schyster snuck back into the ring and hit Ramon with a briefcase.

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Perfect face the team of Irwin R. Almost immediately, Jannetty performed a sunset flip on Bomb to win the match for his team.

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Bomb came to the ring to defend his manager, and an argument ensued until Diesel and Schyster came to the ring to calm their teammates. Fujiclaiming that they sympathized with Crush's sense of betrayal by Savage. Several feuds surrounded the opening match, which saw the team of Razor RamonMarty Jannettythe 1—2—3 Kid and Mr.

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Lawler then attacked Hart from behind, hitting Hart with the scepter and throne that had been set up for the coronation ceremony. The remaining four wrestlers fought back and forth, but the 1—2—3 Kid eventually pinned Martel after a sunset flip.

Del Ray tried to help his partner but superkicked him instead.

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After several challengers were unable to lift Yokozuna, Luger arrived via helicopter and successfully performed what was termed "the bodyslam heard around the world". Bret sustained a kayfabe injury after being thrown out of the ring and sat out of the match for a few minutes.

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Ramon was attacked by his opponents but eventually tagged Savage back into the match. Schyster and his tag team partner Ted DiBiase made fun of Ramon for the loss and offered him a job as a servant.


Ramon fell out of the ring and was counted out of the match. Meanwhile, Michaels provoked Stu Hart into punching him. After the Kid tagged out, Savage performed a diving elbow drop on Diesel before getting the pinfall to eliminate Diesel from the match. While Bret was standing on the ring apron, however, Owen ran in to him and got distracted.

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Pritchard then pinned Gibson to win the belts for The Heavenly Bodies. They had been on-screen friends, but Crush was angry that Savage had not saved him from an attack by Yokozuna on the July 12, episode of Monday Night Raw.

Del Ray and Morton fought back and forth, with Del Ray performing another moonsault and Morton executing a hurricanrana.

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