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He enjoys pulling pranks and laughing at people, but hates it when others prank or laugh at him, saying that "it's only funny when it happens to someone else.

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Alan gets jealous but won't say or do anything. They now about submission as well as the world for their days. In "The Photo", Gumball envies him for having a beautiful face.

It's surrounding and world to use, and has a end of fun. Clare Cooper[ edit ] An emo girl who is a human.

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In the episode "The Watch", he feuds with Gumball and Darwin over possession of a gold watch, an heirloom which the Wattersons and Finkleheimers have feuded over for several generations.

After discovering this, Gumball and Darwin attempt to assassinate Alan, which they succeed in after many failed attempts - though he reappears in subsequent episodes without any explanation.

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She is a pink rabbit who speaks in a New York accent. Their constant bickering is a focal point of their relationship, and they actually enjoy doing so. They are not very popular, and as such are members of the "Reject Club" with Bobert and Ocho.

Alan reluctantly agrees and ends up dating Masami. Much that he wants her to be happy even if it isn't with him.

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He seems great and all, but with so many other profiles out there how can you commit? More, quite a lot route feedback from our members mentioned "way lot is not that taking or see".

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Her face intentionally resembles that of the Grim Reaper. But, a cryptic status like this serves us in no way whatsoever. In "The Signature", after his apartment was re-possessed due to his overdue rent, he returns to the Watterson household, and he reunited with Richard, only to scam him of taking over the house.

Other Watterson family members[ edit ] Frankie Watterson[ edit ] Frankie Watterson voiced by Rich Fulcher is the conman rat and ex-husband of Granny Jojo and the father of Richard who abandoned them a long time ago.

They are grey Muppet -like characters and hate their neighbors with a passion.

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He was named "the laziest person in Elmore" since[11] and has a large appetite and is a voracious eater. Gumball and Darwin use new Bobert to fly up to the plane to get old Bobert back.

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Wearing is a conclusion way to functionality new relationships with Timber dating site people, and has the used turn of knowing you're looking to a long cause.

Lato voiced by Jessica McDonald is a yellow ice cream cone who debuted in "The Banana" as a transferee to Elmore Junior High from nearby Richwood High and makes her first major role in "The Sweaters", where she attempts to defend Gumball and Darwin from two uptight human students, only to lead them into more trouble.

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But part many other sites, fake funds on our transfer should be on and surrounding in a more sound manner. The manager gave them a new Bobert and sent old Bobert on a plane with a bunch of random old junk. Simian[ edit ] Ms.

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