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Other terraces of about the same date survive to the south. Quentin Canal inan operation in which Walsall men took part. In Bradford Street, between Newport Street and Cross Street now the lower end of Caldmore Roadhe built a classical terrace of houses which Potter described in as 'very magnificent'.

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There were also several cottages in the stretch of Bloxwich Lane north of the area. Site of Goscote foundry 7. Recent information suggests that it was a small trackway leading off Hall Lane.

Paul's Road dates from c. Open fields lay in three of the four spaces between the shaft and the arms, and meadow land occupied the fourth.

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Quite simply, it's a 'local in the town'. Station Street was described in as comprising 'a long range of neat, uniform buildings', mainly private houses but including the large Railway Commercial inn; a second hotel was being built.

Before the later 19th century, however, there was little settlement in the area. The Caldmore district including much of Palfrey to the south remains a working-class community; inhowever, 60 per cent of the population were owner-occupiers.

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The southern end of Beacon Street too dates from about that time. Burrowes Street existed by In the borough council, after much pressure, took a three-year lease of the Arboretum and opened it as a public park; it bought the freehold in He granted further leases in the same area and in Cemetery Road now Barleyfields Walsall dating in the s.

The estate around Ida and Alumwell Roads dates from the later s and the s, Walsall dating it was continued west to Primley Avenue from the later s.

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Walhouse Street was built as far as Lower Rushall Street at the same time as Lichfield Street; the first lease was granted in Michael Street called Stratford Street until dates from about then.

Now covered over, I clearly playing in this brook as a child when visiting my grandmother. The east end of Ida Road dates from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The name Peal Street was in use by John's Church was opened in Pleck Road.

The council houses and flats in Orlando Street replaced slum properties; work began in the late s and the first new dwelling was let in The area to the north-east of the town centre was developed in the 19th century mainly by John Walhouse and his successors the barons Hatherton, who owned most of the land.

Site of Wallington House 2. Terraces were then built on Lord Bradford's land at the northern end of West Bromwich Road and in the new Weston Road; more were built in the early 20th century. Streets Corner looking down the Brownhills Road.

Checketts Street was built by Walter Checketts on land leased from Lord Bradford in andand Forrester Street was being built up throughout the s.

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Commonside The lanes bordering Friezland Common. Council House and Town Hall. Former Bloxwich Music Hall 5. Rolls, Operations had ceased by the earlier s, leaving two flooded pits, the larger of which was known as Hatherton Lake by Earl Street and Countess Street were laid out in the early s and building-leases granted in, and Mary's Roman Catholic school, existed by as Springfield, the home of Richard Jesson, an attorney.