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Hi-yu" — British Columbian term from the Chinook Jargon meaning a party or gathering, literally "many" or "lots" i.

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The equivalent of "man," "dude," or "pal. Also common in New England to refer to someone who has lived Urban hook up brantford a given town all of his or her life. Pronounced as in English, not as in French. Wenis — A stupid or intolerable person. Beaner — Someone living in a planned housing area.

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Giv'n'r — used to describe any act carried out with extreme exuberance or to its fullest potential. Lift-up doors increase accessibility. Hydroponically grown plants of any type, but especially used to refer to hydroponically grown marijuana; usage: May also be used instead of huh?

The — the suburbs to the west, north and east of Toronto, covered by the telephone area code, including Halton, Peel, York and Durham regions. Used as, "Let's hit the Peeler bar! Find out how it works.

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Canucklehead — a fan of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team, typically a low-brow one. For Further information please google "Underemployment in Canada",Immigrants, etc.

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The term is also used at any hour to refer to Toronto's streetcars, which remain in service 24 hours a day, and also transport drunken bar patrons home after the subway has shut for the night.

Learn More Key Product Features A custom organization solution for your walk-in closet amplifies usable space, taking advantage of every square foot while showcasing personal style. Pissed — A state of intoxication P. White slab door and drawer fronts create a seamless look.

Cherrypicker — Similar to high-grading, someone who takes the best of something available, be it a product or opportunity, and leaves the rest.

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Fare well — in British Columbia, the social services ministry and its annual guaranteed income plan, i. A large event might be called a big hi-yu, which in capitalized form Big Hi-yu was often a slang name for "the July" celebrations, particularly in Fraser Canyon and Cariboo regions.

British in origin and also in common use among Britons resident in various parts of Canada, notably Victoria, British Columbia. Relates to the province's vast farmlands that when harvasted, leave stubble.

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Synonym for "a local", often heard in small university towns in reference to the students who are actually from the town. Can — Washroom or toilet, as in "I've got to go to the can".

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If you are interested, I will gladly send you either the first three chapters of this story, or the complete manuscript. However, most Ukrainian-Canadians will not take offence, and will actually grin when you refer to the store as such.