Travel Guide to Thailand Things You Should and Should Not Do

Your Travel Guide to Thailand: The Things You Should and Should Not Do

Thailand is a country known for its rich culture and history. This is one of the main reasons why tourists choose Thailand as their destination. There are many things to do while on vacation in this magical place. You can visit the temples, stroll around the streets, try the many exotic foods, have a day in the beach, visit the numerous picturesque island. From day to night, you can surely find a lot of things to do and a lot of places to visit. You will never get bored here. A week of vacation here in Thailand may not be enough to cover all the amazing places and activities that Thailand has to offer. To make sure that you maximize your stay in Thailand, here are some travel dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind:thailand

  • Decide when You Want to Go to Thailand

Thailand’s peak season is from October to April. The advantage of going in Thailand during these months is the weather. This is the time when the weather is cool and dry. The downside is there are many tourists during this time and the rates of accommodations and other things are more expensive than the usual. From May to June, weather in Thailand can be a little rainy. But if you do not mind this, you can enjoy Thailand with lower rates and fewer tourists.

  •  Pack Light

When going to Thailand, you do not have to bring a lot of things. This is a tropical country so your jackets and cold-weather apparels are not needed. Just pack the things that you really need.

  • Get a Thai SIM card

While you are staying in Thailand, communication is very essential. This is why it is really advisable to get a local SIM card. Roaming fees can be very expensive. With a local SIM card, you can now keep in touch with people in cheap text and call rates. You can get AIS 12 call, truemove or dtac SIM package. The sims are very inexpensive and sold all over Thailand at 7-11 and Familymart stores. Some people may opt to buy a SIM card before they travel so they can give their number to friends and relatives before they travel.

  • Learn how to Speak a little Thai

You do not have to be fluent with the language. You just have to learn the basics to lessen the language barrier issues that you will encounter on your stay here. You can get your way around Thailand easier if you at least know a little of the language. You might also want to carry a Thai translation dictionary. But do not worry because people in Thailand are very friendly and accommodating. There are also many apps available for your smartphone that can be very useful for language translation

  • Try Eating at the Street Stalls

Thailand is also famous for its busy streets. If you watch food channels, you will often see the streets of Thailand. There are a lot of different foods to try here. Once in a while, try not eating in Thai restaurants and walk around the streets and try eating in different food stalls. Your Thai experience will not be complete without doing this. Plus, Thai street foods are very delicious, one of a kind and cheap.

  • Try Not To Raise Your Voice

Thai people are known for having sweet and calm tone when talking. They will appreciate it if you do the same. Even if you are not really mad, they might feel a little offended if you raise your voice. So just keep your tone down and there will be no problem.thailand

  • Respect Their Statues and Religion

You will see a lot of religious statues in Thailand. Just be mindful the next time you want to climb one to take a picture. Also, when you are visiting temples, make sure that you are dressed appropriately.

  • Getting about

If you are going to different places in Thailand, do not solely rely on taxis. There are many modes of transportation offered in Thailand. You should try riding boats, sky-trains, subways and Thai buses.

  • Traffic problems

Thailand can have a little problem when it comes to traffic and the weather might not be something you are used to. Be patient and enjoy the trip. By just enjoying the trip, you will discover a lot of great things Thailand has to offer and you will soon realize that the traffic is nothing compared to the wonders of Thailand.

  • Don’t Touch Anyone without Their Permission

You have to respect other people’s culture. There are cultures that are more conservative and a simple touch, even without any meaning, can be offensive. Just to be safe, do not go touching people without their permissions.

  • Do Smile a Lot

Thai People are really friendly. Make sure to also be friendly to them. Always wear a smile while you are visiting Thailand. One of the best ways to enjoy Thailand is to earn a friend.

  • Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you are lost or in need of help, do not be afraid to ask for help. Again, Thai people are very friendly and approachable and they will surely help someone in need. So do not hesitate to stop and ask someone a question if you need it.

  •  Explore Thailand

There are many beautiful places in Thailand. Make sure to make a list of all the things you want to do. Take time to explore Thailand to make sure that you are not missing any kind of Thai experience.

  • Don’t try to Recreate American or European Experiencethailand

The Asian experience is very unique. While you are in Thailand, keep yourself from doing things that you can do anywhere else. Visit the sites that are unique to Thailand. Enjoy local bars and go to restaurants that serve Asian or Thai cuisines. Think twice before you enter McDonalds or any western fast food.

  • Don’t get involved with drugs

Thailand has some very strict drug laws with very severe punishments even for the smallest amounts.

Remembering these things will ensure you a more fun stay in this country. Thailand will surely give you an experience of a lifetime. Thailand has a lot of things to offer that you will surely love, whether you are with your family and friends or even if you are a lone traveller.


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