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If you include the added factor of thousands of military men and women, flight attendants, and flocks of traveling nurses, the balance of singles of both sexes all looking for company under a coconut tree is a refreshing change to the often stressful singles scene on the mainland.

And guess what, we ended up dating! Stitch lets adults over 50 meet companions both locally and globally, so even if Stitch hasn't come to your city yet you can still sign up and start meeting people.

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Walter R, Sydney, Australia I always felt that online dating wasn't for me. With Stitch, I feel like there is finally something that is made for someone seeking real companionship in their 60s, and not marriage. By far though, Waikiki are the most fertile hunting grounds for finding someone to make a vacation alone less lonely.

Sure, Travel dating network is chemistry and romance and all that, but having observed singles now in many different countries and watching how those who get more dates and have more FUN dating as they say half the fun of a trip is getting there!


Sign up for free to see how Stitch works and if you like it, become a member and help us spread the word to bring Stitch to your community! The exception to this the Varsity near the University of Hawaii, the Ward Warehouseor Rumors in the Ala Moana Hotel where one can meet students or local residents in that order.

Too much expectation, too much pressure. What are our members saying?

The ISBN – International Singles Business Network has merged with the traveldatingnetwork!

We are very complex people and dating is trying to find the mate for a very complicated puzzle piece, it takes a lot of trying many pieces until you find the one that matches.

But it illustrates how important attitude and approach are. For the serious club dancer, Kuhio Street near the International Marketplace had the best clubs, like Rumors and the most people late at night, however the demograpics change later in the evening as large squads of locals show up.

The Stitch Credo As seen in What are you waiting for? Why not apply this to dating?

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I really like how Stitch is focused on ensuring that you'll only ever meet real people, not con artists and scammers. I love that Stitch doesn't match on ages — at last I don't feel I have to lie about my age.

Hawai’i – Da kine singles scene!

So make sure you know you are probably dealing Travel dating network a businesswoman if you start feeling romantic out on the street after 1am. Come back next week. Attitude and approach — how are yours? Something to think about.

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I'm not looking to find the love of my life any more, after all. It's like no one is listening and I am one in a million. However, if you are really serious about locals, we would recommend the places mentioned earlier and then going to Downtown Honolulu and other place just for people that reside there full time.