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The happy DTAC network is the name of a prepaid mobile service of Thailand’s one of the foremost telecommunication service providers and are popularly known as DTAC.  DTAC operates in Thailand under a “built – transfer – operate’ system of the 27 year concession which has been granted to it by CAT, the telecom public company limited previously known as a communications authority of Thailand.

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Best network services

The happy Dtac Network has the one of the best network services that keeps you connected with your near and dear ones

DTAC’s prepaid service is named as a happy DTAC network. It provides several services in both national and international calls along with top ups of your choice and web services like EDGE and GPRS services with great coverage. Under Happy DTAC network you will get two kinds of SIM service. One is voice SIM and other one is data SIM. Voice SIM helps you in voice calls while data SIM helps you in other non voice related actions. Under voice SIM you have several schemes to suit your needs. These schemes are namely:

Happy SIM 40 satang, gives you the opportunity to call at any network for only 0.40Baht per min. Simple SIM enables you to call to other numbers for 2Baht per min while you have the facility to call to one special DTAC number for 0.50 Baht per min. Happy Dtac pre paid credit can be added worldwide order here.

Kong Kra Pun SIM allows you to call at a flat rate of 0.99 Baht per min to any network in Thailand along with a validity period of 1000 hours. And if you lose your SIM you will get a new one sitting at your home completely free of cost. Other Schemes include: Muen Suen all year long SIM provides you free calls of 500 minutes for five festivals, 100 per min each, which will be valid for 3days only and Sa – Tor SIM, with the help of which you can make calls for 30 satang for the first 30 seconds after which you will be charged 1bath for each minute to any network that too, 24 hours a day!

Data SIM of Happy DTAC network also has different schemes to suit your needs, which includes:

Social SIM which helps you to enjoy unlimited social applications for 19Baht per week along with facilities like call to four DTAC numbers for 0.25 Baht per min, messages to DTAC numbers for 0.10 Baht per message and 3baht per hour talk from 10pm to 10am.

Next you have Happy Internet SIM. As the name suggests it gives you facilities related to internet. Under the scheme you are charged 0.25 per min. Call charge is 1Baht per min to any network. You also get 1200 free min of 3G or EDGE which means 300 min per month for four months.

Another scheme is named Happy Smartphone SIM, which offers you very fast internet service and charge you per MB which costs you 2Baht per MB. The call charge facility is SIMilar to happy internet SIM and you also get 300 MB of 3G or EDGE for 50 MB per month for six months.

The happy DTAC network customers both new and existing are requested to visit the DTAC network site for more details so that there is no lapse in the information provided

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