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Could this be the reason to his death? Most of the bog bodies recovered indicate the victim died from a violent murder or ritualistic sacrifice. He was found with an iron neck ring which was symbolic of the Spring goddess, his body had been placed in a foetal position showing that he was respected and well treated after his passing, an indication that he was not a common criminal and he now belonged to the gods.

People of the Wetlands: These theories are consistent with the body being put into a bog as opposed to burial in dry earth.

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There was no mark, however, at the back of the neck where the knot of the noose would have been located. Based on that it was possible to calculate that he died approximately 2, years ago.

In order to reach the most precise dating of the Tollund Man, several tests were done and as a result of that we are able to say with great certainty that he was hanged years before the birth of Christ.

When the specialists examined his last mealthey realized he had lived around the time of the birth of Christ. Sphagnum fights against degradation due to resistant phenolic compounds contained in their cell walls.

Another aspect was the plants that were under the body.

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The mystery of Tollund Man is extraordinary, as we still question his death. They had concluded this information by examining his last meal. Forensic examination was conducted on Tollund Buddypress dating website as if he was a victim of a murder however, was he really murdered?

Scientific Methods - The Tollund Man

It has a mini camera at one end which is inserted into the body and also with infra red and ultraviolet light. Big picture A small sample the size of a thumbnail was taken from the Tollund Man's body and used as the basis for the readings.

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Her neck had a faint groove as if someone applied a rope for torture or strangulation. After a re-examination inforensic scientists found further evidence to support these initial findings.

It was also found that the Tollund man had eaten Tollund man radiocarbon dating hours before he died and the seeds that was contained in his food were only essential in spring.

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Further reading[ edit ] Coles, Byrony; John Coles The scientists concluded bog acids caused the swelling of the knee joint and that the woman was probably already dead before the branches pinned her down. Examinations and X-rays showed that the man's head was undamaged, and his heart, lungs and liver were well preserved.

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Scientists know that this moss was formed in Danish peat bogs in the early Iron Age, therefore, the body was suspected to have been placed in the bog more than 2, years ago during the early Iron Age.