Game On Series by Kristen Callihan Game On Series by Kristen Callihan

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And you know it, Baylor.

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And nearly run into a solid wall of muscled chest instead. I could be reading as well. Drew was such an endearing character, I fell for him straight off the bat.

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Somehow, I find my voice. There is no up or down, just Drew. Not something I want to do any more of tonight. I pat Gray on the shoulder. His name is a ripple through the room. Only Gray is busy glaring at me in disgust.

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I am proud of that. Some of the guys bought Gray a group of strippers. Having been chubby for most of my adolescence has left me sensitive. We nearly collided in the middle of the aisle.

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I remember too, Anna Jones. What the holy hell had I done? We stand facing each other in silence, me staring at his chest, and his gaze burning a hole through the top of The hook up series online head.

I hate that too.

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When I wake in the morning, the phone is still cradled in my hand. I slide into a seat in the back just as a guy barrels down the aisle in the same hurried fashion and sits in the desk next to mine.

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My mind screamed, Do something, you idiot! Kristen Callihan is a new to me author, but will now be gracing my auto-buy shelf because she weaved a story that technically should have been 'been there, read that', yet managed to suck me in so thoroughly that I couldn't bring myself to put it down.

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Which must be wrong; no guy has ever gaped at me. Easier said than done. Which is kind of odd. His nostrils flare on an indrawn breath, and his gaze goes liquid hot. I grit my teeth.

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Heat and vitality come off him in waves. She makes a small noise like a stifled sigh. An honest to God quiz. I was not expecting this book to be as hot as it was, but the sex was never too much.

Instead I run my thumb along the edge of my phone, and my leg swings with greater agitation. ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review For more reviews visit.