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True Move sim cards and top up online.

top up and buy true move sim card and vouchers on line

If you’re travelling to Thailand in the coming days, you must be confused about the mobile network you should choose. One of the major and most recommended mobile networks is True Move. True Move is Thailand’s’ third largest mobile operator. It is controlled by the communication conglomerate True Corporation Public Company Limited which was later renamed as True Corporation.


True Move offers the customers the best combination of plans, services and price. The call quality and coverage for the True Move SIM is also fairly good. Here we have a small section on top True Move SIM card online Promotions.


True Move offers customers SIM cards based on prepaid and post paid systems. It categorizes its promotions and schemes into those for existing and new customers making it easier for them to choose. It offers the Sudkum SIM for free unlimited on-net calls. The High speed Micro SIM for iPhone and iPad users, the High Speed Net-SIM for prepaid internet packages and BlackBerry SIM are other prepaid options. The True Move Inter-SIM is one of the most affordable plans for international calls starting at 1baht/min. True Move also has great promotions for their post paid system.


Choosing the Best Plan for You:

Many a time customers complain that the validity expires before the account balance. Thus, they have to keep refilling credit to maintain the validity of the SIM card. This indicates that you have the wrong promotion. True Move makes it easier to select the top True Move SIM card online via their website. Based on whether you want a prepaid or post-paid system, the type of device you own, the type of plan you’re looking for and budget they provide their recommendations.


Purchasing a True Move SIM Card

It is easy to buy a True Move SIM card. You can buy the True Move SIM card at airport kiosks. They can give you a prepaid SIM card for the True Move Network. You can also purchase your Top True Move SIM card online through this website  and have it shipped to your home country.


After you have bought your True Move SIM insert it in your cell phone and dial the number provided to activate it. If you are unsure how to do it, you can request the vendor to set it up for you. You can then use the new True Move number till it expires.


True Move offers different methods of getting refill credit onto the card. There are True Move top up cards and True Money cash cards that use the 14 digit PIN. They also allow True Mobile Top up and Public Phone top up for greater convenience.  Top up True Move SIM card online can be done here.

Their customer service is always on hand by dialling 1331 for True move care and speak perfect english, more details can be found at their website.





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