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To hide his lover from his wife HeraZeus changed Io into the form of a heifer. In the Tau language, the Vespids are referred to as "Mal'kor," which comes from the Tau words "Mal" meaning "insect" and "kor" meaning "air".

Ksi'm'yen - The first of a handful of new Septs, Ksi'myen is one Tau dating site the many worlds previously claimed by the Imperium. Our Ming porcelain is in addition also confirmed by our research in Jingdezhen in China at the same time as we confirmed the origin of our Yixing teapots.

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It was as if the world had been entirely covered in metal structures at some time in the distant past, which had long since been utterly ground to dust.

It has also seen many infamous Ork invasions. It is currently unknown if the Demiurg are full members of the Empire, allies, or mere trading partners.

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These people are known as Gue'vesa in Tau dating site Tau Lexicon and they are considered amongst the most vile of Traitors and Heretics within the Imperium of Man.

We, at nanhai marine archaeology are experts of Antique Chinese porcelain in Chinese pottery, antique ceramics and Chinese pottery from ming dynasty pottery and other antique pottery from Ming dynasty shipwrecks.

At some point, the Tau sent an expeditionary force to the Imperial planet Malbede where they came into conflict with the Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter in Tau pilots are recognized as superior to human pilots due to their better fighter craft, though they lack a normal Imperial pilot's level of combat experience.

Having been isolated for such a long period of time from the Tau Empire, its inhabitants are considered somewhat rustic and backwards. Share shares The team concede, however, that a massive debris disc around the star probably reduces the current habitability of the planets, due to intensive bombardment by asteroids and comets.

Tau tauknown in their own language as the T'au, are a young, humanoid and technologically-advanced intelligent race native to the Eastern Fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy who are fighting to expand their interstellar empire and extend a philosophical concept they call the " Greater Good " Tau'va in the Tau Lexicon to all the intelligent species of the galaxy.

The Ethereals spoke of the importance of peace and understanding between all Tau. Tau from this Sept have grown mistrustful, solemn, taciturn, unfriendly and sometimes openly hostile to alien races.

Vung Tau is really laid back compared to almost everywhere else in the whole country of Vietnam in regards to prostition and there are loads of bars and erotic sex massage shops all over the town.

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Fire Caste military forces are known as Hunter Cadres, and are similar in size and battlefield role to an Imperial Guard Company. The Imperium knows only the name of the planet Krath, where the Tau first encountered the Kroot. However, the planet proved to be a cursed Tomb World when the fighting of the Tau and the Ultramarines awakened the sleeping Necrons from their tomb beneath the surface.

However, disease and starvation began to take their toll. With their mission complete, the Space Wolves made the long trek back to land across the sea bed. One made his way into the camp of the plains Tau, exuding a quiet authority that no Tau was able to resist. The Fire Caste's Commander Shadowsun was placed in command of the expansion, and has secured at least two new Septs for the Tau Empire to date.

Kroot dwell in warm, temperate conditions on the worlds they inhabit, and construct large tree houses from animal hides, bound together by regurgitated dead wood.


Vespid - Homeworld of the Vespid. The Tau claim to be a peaceful race when possible, asking if others will join their cause voluntarily instead of fighting against them. A hidden Necron fleet emerged from Ka'kais' dead moon and destroyed the outnumbered Tyranid bioships, but then continued to land on Ka'mais and harvest the planet's population.