Vrijgezelle Louisiana vrouwen geïnteresseerd in Gehandicapt daten, Disabled Mate Nederland Vrijgezelle Louisiana vrouwen geïnteresseerd in Gehandicapt daten, Disabled Mate Nederland

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This is definitely the competitive edge I needed. The effects are subtle but powerful. This is unheard of for me to take care of me and value me but your subliminal CD has given me hope and love not just for someone else but for me that I have never had before in my life!!

I owe you many thanks for coming up with this.

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I have been single the last 18 years from getting out of an abusive relationship. So I have done so much Therapy and reading books lots and lots of books, listening to subliminal tapes. But there was one book that hit my heart the most its called Enchanted Love by Marianne Williamson and it is amazing.

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I am not the type that likes to admit weakness because of my profession. She is a woman who values love, not material things A couple of days later, I purchased the mp3 and played it every night as I was going to sleep.

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Thank you for this. At least one hour or so, sometimes more. Hurricane3945 y.

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Chicago, IL I have always suffered from being an overly emotional person, alienating myself from others and becoming a loner for most of my life after high school. When I read about what you wrote about needing to be YOU before you can allow the right man to come in it totally hit the nail on the head, because that is what she talks about in her book!!

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It just gets you into such a relaxed state. I still practice a bit these days and have found listening to the track I get enthusiasm and a new perspective of my hobby.

However, your Chakra Balancing subliminal gave me a spiritual awakening that I will never forget.

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I have experienced results with every album. While awakening to this recording one morning, I awoke with this name in my head.

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I like to gamble and felt out of control. I felt as if I was getting bigger Speed dating in metairie la and I knew I needed to do something about it.

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I was living in the United Kingdom when I first used it and I noticed the change soon afterwards. They combine the absolute best in chiropractic care, holistic medical pain management, physical medicine, and physical rehabilitation.

Parker, CO I was struggling with memory issues — memory lapses, test taking difficulties at times and retention of material — so I went with the Speedzen photographic memory MP3. Now, having listened to this album many times, I feel so much more comfortable with my pace of learning and have stopped worrying about what others are thinking.

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The soundtrack is very calming and can be used Good dating website introduction itself as a meditation background. Medically Integrated We offer both chiropractic medicine performed by chiropractors and medical services performed by licensed medical practitioners.

I listened pretty much each day, 5 days out of the week, and within two months I realized that I was no longer suffering from emotional instability. Curtis grew up in St.

He served a tour in Iraq, winning medals for valor and meritorious service. I look better in the mirror and I feel better during the day.

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I have been listening to it faithfully for the last week and a half, and I feel a great amount of energy while listening. Thank you so much.