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Also, my father was a tailor and made Hylan a purple, bell-bottom suit to wear for his wedding.

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Driving through a tunnel makes you feel excited. The next morning when the old caretaker showed up, he found the recorder laying on the ground in front of the tombstone. She was the patient and I was the doctor.

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Ranjit was in the express lane at his local Wal-Mart supermarket quietly fuming. The darkness swooped down and engulfed them until neither one could see the other, and just as suddenly, Aidan, Mark and the black shadow vanished into the ground.

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She did too after a bit. It was a hot summer day in a shitty apartment with no AC.

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Thankfully he found it really, really funny. A sudden shiver overtook her as she felt a distinct chill in the air.

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The moms alerted the park rangers and a search party was formed, but not a trace was ever found of the missing leader. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

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Other than music, his interests were skin diving and herpetology and the one bedroom in our Hollywood apartment was dedicated to a large saltwater aquarium with specimens he'd caught in local waters and the cages for his many snakes and lizards [some CA natives and others exotic].

There is pic of me in and then now at I laughed for about 10 minutes and then we just continued on.

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A company trying to continue its five-year perfect safety record showed its workers a film aimed at encouraging the use of safety goggles on the job. Neither young man noticed the towering dark shadow that rose from behind the tombstone until it was too late.

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All she really wanted to do was get some sleep before she finished the journey in the morning, so who in the world would be playing downstairs at 3: They still refused, so the robber called the police and was arrested.

Not majorly, just a little poop.

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There are a million things I could say and a million things I could leave out, so I leave you with this: She quietly snuck off after the sound.