AIS one 2 call sim card

AIS 12call Sim Card


AIS One2call Sim Card

10 Baht Bonus credit on activation

30 days validity on activation

3 Baht International calls using the codes 00500 or 00900

We can cut the sim to fit iphone or ipad and activate the sim for when you arrive in Thailand

Please request this service when ordering

Product Description

AIS 12call is the primary choice of thai mobile network for travellers to Thailand, and is our leading seller inĀ 12call top up online. AIS offer some very good promotions for SMS and 3G services i personally have used one 2 call for over 8 years with no problems with excellent customer service when the need as arisen to use them.

Top ups for 12call are widely available from all family mart and 7-elevens all over thailand and of course via our website when you return home or are on the road in Thailand.



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