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Losing by 1 point, Jackson is left to do the dishes while Shoo and Im Ho Sung are given a coupon for free babysitting services.

When the guests arrive at the share house, they were welcomed warmly. Young-ji gets tearful when Hara talks about her Youngji to her roommates. During their tofu making, Se-ho gets a phone call from Hong Seok-chun who later pays a visit to the Roommate members and helps them out with making tofu.

The older members join Nam Hee-suk for a late night snack and they drink and talk into the wee hours.

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Towards the end of the episode, g. After watching the performance, Sunny and Jong-ok went home with a guest, Lee Soon-jae. Nana, Guk-joo and Se-ho leave home to Se-ho's parents' house to get food and on the way, they learnt that it was actually Nana's birthday while Dong-wook, Jong-ok, Joon-hyung, Ryohei and Min-woo take a historic tour around Seongbuk-gu with the "Roommate" team.

Se-ho invites Choi Hong-man to help them with making kimchi. The next morning, Guk-joo and Young-ji are on breakfast duty while Jong-ok wakes up early in the morning to harvest some peppers that are grown in the backyard.

He tells Jackson that she is around 7 years younger than him. They are later joined by Dong Wook. Shoo leaves to vacuum and the kids walk away. In order to get closer to Michael, Jackson changes into an 'Eeyore' costume which scared Youngji.

To do that, they need a millstone and a large pot which falls to Young-ji, Jackson, Se-ho, and Dong-wook to accomplish.

They left looking through the hallway. While the members were entertaining their guests, Sunny arrives with another guest, Yoona from Girls' Generation.

The men takes turn to show Seho nana dating they would propose to a lady, with Youngji as the judge. Joon returns to house and is surprised to be greeted by Yoon-hwa, who was a zealous fan of g.

When the members gather together and cook eels in their backyard, Goo Ha-ra from girl group Kara arrives.

They interviewed Se-ho about his occupation as a comedian. After the members return home, Song Ga-yeon pays a visit to their home. They decide to surprise Dong-wook Seho nana dating his filming site. The house is filled with laughter as they candidly talk about their love life, careers and men.

The Roommate casts have a hearty dinner and the episode ends with the Roommate casts interacting and taking selfies with Michael, as well as the preview for the next episode. Shortly after this, the couple is left alone with the kids in the living room.

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Towards the end of the episode, Park Jin Young discusses his surprise for Jackson - to invite Jackson's mom to the Christmas party- with Dong-wook and Se-ho.

Unfortunately, he says he can not decide.

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Shoo and the kids have settled into the Roommate house. Shoo arrives with her twin daughters, Im Rayul, Im Rahui, who are crying as they are uncomfortable in the crowded Roommate house. The new members introduced themselves to the producers and the audiences first. After the picnic, Dong-wook takes Ryohei, Jackson and Young-ji out for some shopping which led to Dong-wook being exhausted at the end.

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