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San Diego is by far the most populated county though population density is much higher in the immediate border area adjacent to the south in Baja California than it is in San Diego County.

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Transportation infrastructure increasingly binds the region, as the under-construction Ensenada International Airport is expected to serve as the third major airport of the metropolitan region, offering flights to Europe, South America, and East Asia. According to the U.

Urban growth is currently developing regions to the east of Tijuana Municipality and south of Rosarito Beach, where developers are building many new residential communities while in San Diego it is observed to the northeast along the Interstate 15 corridor to Temecula and Murrieta.

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The first Catholic religious order to visit the region was the Jesuits infollowed by the Franciscans inand the Dominicans in the s. The area of Tijuana Municipality is Cabrillo first named San DiegoSan Miguel. In extreme cases, the overwhelming fall of rain creates mudslides and greatly increases the flow of urban rivers.

This sudden influx of water has the potential to flood populated places and drown out wetland habitat; measures have been taken to reduce this potential negative affect while simultaneously restoring the rivers and their watersheds to a pristine and natural state.

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Greater Ensenada is more frequently than not considered part of the region given its proximity and inter-connectivity with the metropolitan area. Guam speed dating the water, the Intertidalestuary and kelp forest biomes dominate the aquatic world; home to an equally diverse set of flora and fauna.

San Diego—Tijuana's topography, bays, coastal hills, mountains, canyons and gorges maintain their own climates while being relatively near to each other. Southern coastal sage scrub is further observed on the coast.

The cool nutrient-rich waters of the north Pacific are able to provide kelp forests with millions of plankton - the base of the aquatic food chain — due to an upwelling of water from the deep sea in the stormy, winter months. Americans flocked to the city, which had become a major destination for the Hollywood elite, which led to the construction of the Agua Caliente Tourist Complex which in turn spurred the rise of hotels and overall growth in the city.

In the montane region, fire serves a unique purpose as a medium of change, and while fire typically can threaten urban development, it is essential for the historically annual cleanse of the woodlands and reproduction of pyrophytes.

Flora and fauna[ edit ]. In southern San Diego—Tijuana, the semi-arid climate is observed, though characteristics of the Dry-Summer Subtropical Mediterranean climate are present, with most of the annual precipitation falling in the winter. Yet once outside this cloud, the weather in sharp contrast can be warm and sunny.

Initial expeditions by the west to the Californias were followed by pacification and conversion efforts by the Spanish Empire and the Catholic Church. In Mexico won its independence from the Spanish crown and kept the area under the jurisdiction of Alta California.

From the late s Mission lands were granted as ranchos to Californio gentry.

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San Diego Bay became a port of call for whalers and hide traders from the United States. This coastal cloud cover is frequently observed reaching as far inland as Poway and in some cases, San Diego Country Estates.

The urban area of San Diego—Tijuana is the 72nd largest in the world and 11th largest in North Americawith a population of 5, At the Pacific Ocean region of the border, the border is urbanized on the Mexican side while the adjacent American side is an estuarine preserve, and thus not urbanized.

This combined area, with the additional areas of Tecate, 1, Apart of this region are the communities of Rancho Santa FeCarmel Valley and La Jolla which have consistently been among the ranks of some of the richest neighborhoods in the United States.

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The terrain includes flood plains, canyons, steep hills, and mesas. The area has a varied topography with over seventy miles of coastline and snow-capped mountains that rise to the northeast, in San Diego County.

During the May gray and June gloom seasons, a dense cloak of coastal clouds, known as marine layercovers the coastal areas, keeping the area cool and moist to up to 5—10 miles 8. In the war ended with the Fall of Mexico City and San diego dating events were redrawn which created a border between San Diego and Tijuana, 3 miles 4.

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These distributions of lands accelerated after the Missions were secularized inending the dominance of the Missions in the economy. This regional climate supports a chaparral and woodlands ecoregion that is further divided in three sub-regions where two are observed in San Diego—Tijuana.