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And every time it seems like the plot is finally ready to move as fast as Aderholt promises Stan, we move back to the Russian literature mode: If they look for the same behavior in other cities, Dennis suggests, they could sniff out the whole network. His new book, Breaking Badis on sale now. I have a very bad feeling about the odds of Oleg making it back to Moscow, which will be another thing for which his father can blame himself.

As the more active spy, Elizabeth takes the bigger brunt of things throughout the hour, unable to achieve the goals of mission after mission, even as she wracks up collateral damage.

For the most part, Weisberg and Fields have deftly worked around this issue by giving Philip and Elizabeth smaller goals to achieve within episodes or seasons, and also by making sure that the Jennings marriage itself was always the most important part of the story.

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The air version was slightly better, but not enough to justify the show spending that long a sequence in what was basically pitch blackness. Elizabeth tries to shrug off the warehouse mess to Paige by admitting that failure is baked into the work they do, and sometimes a mission will require a lot of effort with no payoff.

Many dramas — particularly in the post-Sopranos age of TV — have dark conclusions for their protagonists, and maybe even foreshadow them along the way, but this is a rare one where you knew the broadest outline of what would happen before you saw a single episode.

And later, she drags poor Erica Haskard out of her sick bed to attend a World Series viewing party and winds up with zero useful intel and one very sick and mortified woman.

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So I had to check with FX about the exact body count, to confirm that she was telling Paige the truth about not getting the sensor, etc. Thanksgiving is stressful for any family, between the travel, the relatives you only see once a year, the awkward talk of current events, and more.

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And Philip in turn feels defensive that his teenage son is both trying to play savior and referring to the agency as a failure.

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He discusses television weekly on the TV Avalanche podcast. It has, in fact, been paced more or less like any previous season of the show, all of which had more episodes to play with, none of which had the burden of having to wrap up the entire story.

What did everybody else think? She still trusts in his skills, and still — despite all the anger bombs she hurls at him earlier in the hour — loves him.

Not only do the two seem like kindred spirits in their mixed feelings about America, but I very much want to see Stan walk in on the two of them with a look somewhere between horror at realizing who and what his best friend really is, and jealousy at seeing Oleg and Philip hanging out without him.

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But instead of it being a secret he has to guard with his life, he up and tells Elizabeth everything in the opening scene here, and she in turn tells Claudia most of it.

Breaking Bad famously started at an amble, but by its last couple of years had burst into a sprint.