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He wrote down some questions, found sources, and took notes. Some researchers have criticized these approaches because of their linear nature and lack of opportunity for spontaneity. Eisenberg and Robert E. According to Sandy L.

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How can I effectively convey my ideas to others? Students share their ideas, try out new approaches, and ask for feedback. Information Search and Inquiry Models This page explores the most popular information inquiry models.

It's helpful if a library or school can agree on a single model or at least the general steps in information inquiry. How successful are instructional librarians in preparing their students?

A Brief History of Information Inquiry Models

Unfortunately, when educators teach about the research process it's often "presented in a fashion that leads students to assume that the process is linear" p Linear vs Recursive Approaches Information literacy models generally lead users through a series of steps while conducting research.

Berkowitz have been promoting their approaches to information processing for nearly 20 years. Also, check out Katie Baker's comparison.

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Use this to think about your own original model for the inquiry process. Rather than forming a special committee, the librarian might work through the district curriculum committees or university departments to address this issue.

The Big 6 is an information problem-solving approach developed by Michael B. An inquiry or project-based learning environment involves wondering about a topic, wiggling through information, and weaving elements together.


Questions tend be tied to one or more of three information environments: Explore the various models, then create your own chart.

It asks students to become more in tune to the world around them from family needs to global concerns.

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Many educators view information inquiry as the foundation of all "traditional content areas. I am also going to look, or create, visual models of research that show a more circular or recursive process.

In the past, she used a linear process but found that students were frustrated by the real-world of research, "a student may have started an animal report on a koala.

These models are useful in scaffolding the activities of novice information seekers. Nor did he realize that not knowing what a marsupial was, would probably inhibit his understanding of many aspects of the koala.

We've done a comparison of many of these information processing or information inquiry models using Inspiration.

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In the s, the models began to stress the ongoing cycle of inquiry.