Online 3G Top Up made easy with 12call, Happy Dtac, True move.

Thailand’s 3G Coverage made fast and easy through DTAC, 12call and true move

3G or third generation technology has stepped into the world of telecommunication business worldwide and Thailand is no exception. Thailand’s 3G coverage operates the telecommunication industry there through 12call, DTAC, and true move services. But all these services are available to the prepaid customers now.

Various internet packages available

One of the Thailand’s leading telecommunication service providers, DTAC or otherwise known as Total Access Communication Public Company Limited, introduced Thailand’s 3G coverage through their various new internet packages. DTAC 3G service will give you not only the best network and speed but also the best customer satisfaction. DTAC 3G service has the following features to its credit that has made it more efficient and customer friendly amongst others.

Features that make DTAC the best

DTAC 3G offers you the super fast speed of 42 Mbps along with a bandwidth channel of 10MHz. It also assures you full mobility with its nationwide DTAC EDGE network, while you are travelling across Thailand.

Sharing will be smooth with its very new Total IP RAN Transport technology. You can even have smooth and efficient management of concurrent data usages even when you are in an intense usage zone.

Multitasking is another great feature of DTAC 3G services. You can easily make use of all the features of your device at the same time. Like for example while surfing net you can easily make or receive calls and you can even send messages and do VDO streaming.

The most important feature however is the regular and constant updates regarding your usage fees that give you a hassle free internet experience. Even the customer support is one of the best. Well-trained staff is always available to help you to enjoy to the fullest, your DTAC 3G services.

Another contender in the race of Thailand’s 3G coverage is known to be True Move 3G plus Wi-Fi. True’s Move recently got the authorization to operate 850MHz with free of charge 3G offer. However very soon they will get the permission of operating commercially. Due to this reason currently all the services on 3G like SMS, MMS and the likes are being charged on the basis of 2G systems. At present true move operates the areas around Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

True move 3G is here to speed up your life. You get a speed of 7.2Mbps which keeps you connected everywhere. Even uploading and sending videos and photos is much easier and faster than before. You also get to watch TV and listen to online music. True move has the special feature of the combined services of 3G and Wi-Fi which aims to give you a fully enhanced net surfing experience wherever you are.

AIS (Advances info Services)wireless EDGE solutions is the third name that has come up as a good option in Thailand’s 3G coverage facilities which is named as 12Call. AIS is by far considered to be the largest mobile carrier in Thailand. However it gets a strong competition from DTAC and true move. 12call operates over quite a large number of areas in Thailand but their numbers are less than that of true move and DTAC.

All of these 3G schemes have various packages to suit your different needs. Just study them carefully and choose the one that serves you better. To know more about the schemes of Thailand’s 3G coverage system you are advised to visit their respective sites.

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