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Olive and fletcher started dating, contribute to this page

Things change between Fletcher and Olive now that Chyna just wants two be friends with him. I'm back on this fourm: Out by the car "Sleepy kitty is only for when your sick.

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She expects a huge party with cake,gifts, and suprises. When Fletcher said that Chyna missed her, indicating that he didn't, he had a nervous smile on, like he was lying.

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Tell me now or I'll make your lives miserable. And I mean Like-Like. Fletcher didn't seem annoyed that Olive knew his middle name. She obviously really likes him and looked excited when Chyna told her Tortoise dating website advert was in love with her.

Overshadowed by her best friend, comforted by a friend who can't seem to take a hint, and in love with a boy she knows she can never have, all Olive wants is to be happy.

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In "studANT council", Darryl jokes that he tricked her into marrying him. Folive, Flyna, Clexi, Anglive.

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Fletcher waits for Olive and Chyna before running out of the A. Lexi felt like she had just been slapped, and everyone ohhed and yelled out 'Burn!

Will he see the ANTs again? When she broke both her arms and legs, you couldn't help but steal all the attention away from her.

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She is treated badly by Lexi despite they being "best friends" because she is easily fooled and freely gives compliments. Seqeul to Under All The Stress.

Throughout the episode they looked at each other many times. Maybe she was trying to impress him by looking like a high schooler. Olive and Fletcher sit at the same lunch table.

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Fletcher called Olive a "robot inside of a human's body" which she thanked him for in a non-sarcastic voice. This could mean Olive was hurt that Fletcher called her ugly.

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In that same episode, it turns out his secret hidden talent is movie making and directing. When Olive and Fletcher leave Lexi's house Olive grabs his arm. Olive says that she hopes China didn't get Fletcher a nice present because then Fletcher would like her more and she didn't want that to happen.

I'm just stating what I know is true. Eventually they end up on the turbine of the windmill; Chyna rescues them by slipping through the bars covered in fish oil to slip through and flip the switch to stop it.

When Olive starts out as a mean teacher the camera turns to Fletcher and you can see how he stares at her for a few seconds. Eventually, she becomes student body president.

He has had a crush on Chyna since Season 1. This could mean she was hurt by him calling her ugly. But what happens when he starts to have feelings for her?

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Her best friend and sidekick is Paisley. Before the opening titles you can see Fletcher and Olive shrug simultaneously. When China was singing inside the box and they liked they looked at each other and smiled.

When Chyna asked Olive what the capital of North Dakota is, and Olive gave the wrong answer, Fletcher was excited and happy because he thought Olive had her memory back.