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Tapes are often rearranged just after being organized, after hours. The owner himself reported sightings of "The Captain" as many at the theater refer to him. Constantly moving things around while working.

Lake Worth - West Palm Beach - Lake Worth 8 Cinemas - cold spots can be felt in the auditorium, there is sometimes an occasional, brief breeze, and the temperature of the auditorium is always colder than the rest of the building, regardless of what the thermostat is set at.

Later it burned down to nothing. He then killed himself.

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Campers will be pushed out of bunks. Everyone has to clear out of the place by 1am. Be respectful on how loud you are driving the road. He had lived near by, and operated a farm.

Several more can be seen upstairs as well as looming in the hallways, nevertheless, their presence is very clear and realistic like. It is still under construction but it should be open sometime this year.

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You may also like: He was a renowned scoundrel and wanted for many crimes such as murder, rape, and robbery to name a few. Facing a slumping economy, many poorer Neapolitans emigrated northwards, or headed overseas to the United States and Argentina.

I would say that it was a major success and it seems as though people really stepped outside their normal framework of thinking to explore new ways that they might be able to be more efficient in their energy use.

Carol City - Subway Restaurant - Strange vibes of someone's presence about to run into you attacking. The workers there well tell you the stories and you always feel someone watching you at night.

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When the military base closed in Green Cove Springs, the housing was sold to a private owner and over the years became slum until At night, sounds of keys and objects moved around on dresser, sound of sighing, and feeling of someone sitting down on the bed while you're in it!

He has to be muzzled to be groomed. When she entered she saw another girl with blood in his face and a knife between Naples florida senior dating right shoulder and her arm.

When security got there they could hear the yelling but could not find anyone there and then suddenly the voices stopped. Other employees Be2gether dating site reported seeing things move fast in the dark. Narcossee - stretch or road toward Cocoa Beach - Around mile marker 15 there is said to be the ghost of a teenage girl, who died in a head on car crash, on her way to the beach on prom night.

Not sure if they are still seen. A young lady was said to be buried in this Park.

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Also, footsteps in the puddles of water, strange screeching noises, screams, and moans of agony, a very strange odor of a female's perfume, and temperature changes. Lights have also been seen at night when it is closed and people on tours have felt cold drafts pass by their bodies.

Now she has been seen in the halls just in front of the main elevators for visitors and at night she often opens the doors for people when they are walking towards it without them pushing the button.

Cassadaga - Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp - Cassadaga Established inMany ghost hunters identify Cassadaga as one of the biggest geomagnetic vortexes in the country.