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According to tradition, the blood of San Gennaro first miraculously liquefied in the hands of Bishop St. In Septemberwhen the forces of Garibaldi occupied Naples, he ordered that the collection be made available for the general public to view.

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Outside the oldest part of the centre, tourist sights spread out in a variety of directions, best visited in pre-planned 'themed' days.

A one-day ticket un biglietto giornaliero is good value.

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A test with light in showed that the vial contains genuine blood, but the vial is sealed so the substance itself has never been tested. This vast open space is filled with important buildings and statues and aside from the aforementioned structures, it also contains the Palazzo Salerno, the Prefecture Palace and a statue dedicated to Charles III of Spain.

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It was rebuilt in the 14th century and again in after an earthquake, but some ancient features remain. Other notable side chapels include the fifth and seventh on the left, with 13th-century bas reliefs, and the sixth on the left, with a Byzantine-style mosaic of the Virgin Enthroned by Lello da Roma Castel Nuovo, the great fortress protecting the port, contains two museums, as well as the local authority offices.

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Naples Tourist information, hotels and travel Colourful, vibrant, exciting and varied, Naples Napoli is one of the most fascinating cities in Italy and in Europe. As mentioned above, Naples dating sites Capella di San Gennaro is home to a reliquary bust containing the saint's head. See our Get Around Italy page for more information on Italian rail services.

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The monuments were created by Domenico Fontana in The fortunes of Naples' football club have even been tied to the San Gennaro miracle. Another imposing space is to be found opposite: The famous Farnese Collection gathered by the aristocratic family of the same name consists of some of the finest pieces of Greek and Roman sculpture still existing.

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The core of the present building was built in the French Gothic style inbegun by Charles I and completed under Robert the Wise. In addition, the crypt altar contains two vials of San Gennaro's blood, which famously liquefies several times each year.

The castle is open to the public and it is a fantastic structure to explore — Walk through the passageways and arches and look out into the Mediterranean sea.

The attached Basilica Santa Restituta is part of an ancient building, and from here you can access Greek and Roman excavations.

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Facing a slumping economy, many poorer Neapolitans emigrated northwards, or headed overseas to the United States and Argentina.