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Takeshi Noda is a member of class 2—4. He later figures out that Shin is in love with Kumiko and wishes him the best of luck. It would seem that the drama-version Sawatori has grown to respect the headstrong and dignified educator that Yankumi is, despite knowing that he also risked getting fired in the process he was poised for promotion.

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When they finally found him, Kumiko smacked him until his face was swollen. He had gotten into a fight with Ichiro Tsuruta, and was beaten by him.

He narrates the preview for the next episode. In the drama, Tetsu seems to like Kumiko, but unfortunately he doesn't seem to have very good chances of getting romantically involved with her, Nakayama yuma dating she considers him to be like family.

He also shows up in episode 11 of the anime, to try to help the guys get Shin out.

Though many rookies in the crime world might believe he runs a small branch of the Yakuza due to only having a few members, it is shown he is highly respected in the yakuza, and with a single command he could call upon thousands of members, as well as the few members that are with him are very strong and skilled at what they do, being able to take on a gang that clearly outmatched them in numbers with ease.

In the manga and anime, the Koucho is this happy little bald guy who likes to wear bow ties. At the end of the series he returns to his hometown after his father was getting out of the hospital.

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Another running gag is in the beginning of each new series, she is shown incapable of teaching unless she is teaching the delinquents of the school and, more often than not, scaring her students with her unusual behavior.

He's very close to the group and is often seen either by Ryuichiro and Kyo-san, showing a friendship with the men. He is often seen with Minami in the anime and manga, indicating a friendship between them, possibly being best friends.

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Kenichi Suzumura Japanese ; Kevin T. He was a senior there until he was kicked out. Like Kyo, he feels a close familial tie to Kumiko.

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In the Philippines, the series ended with the Gokusen special. In the manga, she developed a crush on Kyo-san and tries to Nakayama yuma dating him, but she doesn't believe he's her "knight".

Hurt when she threw away a present he gave her, Noda takes a picture of her at her secret second job: