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With the high demand of the busy professionals looking to find the right partner in these metropolitan areas and beyond, the agency has barely started to scratch the surface of their business potential. The 4 Lessons are presented as video presentations and reading assignments.

Can you guarantee that I will find a match in your program?

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Please dress appropriately in a nice outfit and ensure that your video camera is turned on and your microphone works. After the First Contact, both participants will provide a written recap of the meeting with feedback on their interactions and reactions. Are you tired of battling for respect at home?

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This is a web based live video interview conducted through a private web conference room. We have taken the time to invite the most powerful women we could find.

Their information prepares you to meet the right person for a long lasting relationship. Gentlemen are guaranteed at least one new match per month of enrollment and may cancel their enrollment at any time.

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Sign up and start receiving the connections you have been dreaming of! Participants are matched based on information provided in a private dating profile. After the assessment you will be informed if we feel you will be a good match for our Service. Your participation is voluntary.

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The competition in this space is very limited as it takes a long time to nurture client relationships and develop extensive databases. If I am with a woman in the program, do I have to be associated with it for longer than the program?

Please use discretion and proper safety procedures when connecting with people you do not know. Each Gentleman will receive 1 match Matchmaking service for sale the first month of the program.

After reviewing each lesson, students are asked to complete and submit a written test based on the lesson.

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Tired of wishing your partner would listen? The agency representatives will meet with clients at venues like client offices, hotel lobbies, coffee shops, etc.


After a First Contact, participants can opt to continue to communicate with their match by exchanging contact information, or be rematched. Background check fees are included in the service fee.

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You will be required to use video on this day. Women may opt out of the program at any time or choose to remain and stay connected as our Community grows.

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They understand that, while physical attraction is important, core values are the foundation upon which to build a lasting relationship. This fee is non refundable. Originally, the agency had a brick-and-mortar office but since then has switched to a well-established online presence and conducts the meetings offsite, as is standard in the industry.

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Women may cancel their subscription at any time. After the month has ended you may choose to continue in the program and match with more women or opt out.

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Geography, interests and personality traits are all factors that are considered based on information gleaned from dating profiles each participant must submit.

This business is scalable and a new individual or agency that specializes in marketing or advertising can do wanders with the systems that are already in place and with the client database. This does not guarantee that you will be accepted into our Matchmaking Service.