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Mad hook up sling, mad hook up sling mount

The mount does not require the removal of the receiver extension, which is perfect for those folks who don't want to remove the staked on receiver extension nut or end plate. There is way too much gimmick crap out there on the market, so being able to test gear first before I buy is a plus, as I tend to put it thru some of the scenarios I've been exposed to over the years.

Last edited by moe smith; at I don't know, maybe I'll just go with the Z while I wait to see if the Mission Adapted Design product finds it's way back to market. The only thing I would like to see in say a Gen 2 version would be QD attachment compatibility as well.

They are pretty foolproof.

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Also I would not be concerned about using a sling mount end plate damaging the threads on the receiver extension. The hook will go left and right. They tend to come unattached from the mount when doing drills. Many of us take for granted that we have the right and ability to totally customize our own rifles to make them work and feel however suits us.

Heavily tested by LE and military personnel, the Hook Up design allows smooth transitions and eliminates rotation issues under even the most arduous conditions.

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MAD is a fix non-moving loop. This will work with most single and two point slings.

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Ive used them in afghanistan and they gave me no issues. The Noveske QD stock endplate takes up no additional space and uses a quieter sling attachment.

You have no control over the muzzle part of the weapon, which just dangles and gets in the way when you go hands off such as breaching, fast roping, or other such duties that require your weapon to be slung.

Most slings have metal hooks instead of cloth straps.

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I visited their facebook page yesterday and went to their "new" website, which has you listed as a dealer. Thus there will be noise.

Let me stress moving metal swivel. Just a quick personal side note, I have been in 3 on duty shootings in my career, so I take my equipment seriously.

The HK hook move left and right.

M.A.D. Hook-Up Sling Mount

With that said, I did wonder if the part could be slightly downsized, without compromising function. Instead of removing the End Plate and replacing it with a new Sling Attachment End Plate the Hookup actually clamps Oa dating onto the buffer tube in between the castle nut and the butt-stock.

GAK January 18, at 2: I tend to favor a two point sling for general use, and a single point for buildings and CQB type situations.

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While the swivel itself will move up and down that is attached to the QD mount. Hookup is a pretty cool new sling attachment point from a company called Mission Adapted Design.

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I wonder if there is a patent quibble going on that they're trying to settle. W January 19, at 6: