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Leo man dating aquarius woman, finding and keeping the leo man

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Here are a few tips that will help you understand how to bring out the best in a relationship between these two. I have never chased anyone like this, I hated her, but loved her even more. I really really hope it lasts,I came back from 2 broken relations.

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Of course we also have huge fights. This clashing or iron wills might emerge as a major obstacle to long term compatibility of the Leo-Aquarius couple.

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Leo males also have an affinity for certain careers, so that might be another good place to start your hunt. For once he is committed to this relationship his generosity is endless, and she will respond in kind.

We are a perfect match for each other. Look for a man in a leadership position, and chances are good that he's a Leo.

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

A male Leo will see you as an extension of himself, so he'll want you to be a positive asset. Sure we have disagreements, what couple doesn't, but his Leo nature compliments my Aquarius nature: I'm an Aquarius woman whose been with a Leo man for about a month now.

Aquarius can teach her love, some compassion, and some letting down of ego.

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It's not that he dislikes such people; it's just that he doesn't understand them. It took us months for us to move on, because we both knew that the long distance thing wasn't going to work. I'm feeling strong attraction from her.

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I love him so much but I have a problem. I'm an Aquarius women, I've been talking to a Leo man off and on for about a month now, I REALLY like him and after reading All these different post and comments I'm excited and hoping start a relationship with him, However I'm worried I may have altered my chances of a relationship with him because I slept with him on our first date.

Both signs love parties, people and beauty in any form.

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I say this because the way we met and things I knew before meeting him. If you have trouble not thinking about work issues this is a partner who can likely help.

The Aquarius woman loves to surprise the Leo just for the heck of it. I feel I know elements of him so well but don't really know him as a person that well at all anymore.

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