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Note that not all FTR rifle were converted. A total ofNo. Canadian issued rifles usually do not have the characteristic British speckling of stamps and punches.

If it has a lateral screw through the back of the forend, it is either a post war production Mk. There are many collectors that focus just on Enfield rifles and their many variations.

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Feedback by "Badger" 6. However there are slight variations between manufacturers and production dates. The British knobs are smooth surfaced inside. This is the dreaded Ishapore screw. And this was no target rifle, nor was it ever intended to be, it was deadly efficient in its intended role and proved an extremely solid and dependable battle rifle.

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So many people do not know this little detail. Therefore, when this rifle is examined overall, it's obviously a legitimate No.

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A post war commercial will NOT and will rotate through degrees Date: You stated that the CNo7 rifles were equipped with the T sniper sling swivel and that some of the canvas cover loops maybe broken off due to over turning the loop.

The reason is to prevent the sling loop and sling rotating and getting itself into a twist.

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Laidler suggests if the pads have tiny Broad Arrow marks, they are replacement parts from authorized sources. He currently resides just outside of Bangor, Maine.

Lee Enfield no4 T Bolt Action .303 Rifles

In reference to terryinvictoria's feedback, here's an example of a No. Many of these guns are found today in excellent or like new condition due to many of them having never seen action. That's if it is a true No4T or L42!

Sadly he is incorrect. George Rex Proof done at time of assembly or just after firing final inspection.

If a rifle from two British plants was more accurate than average, it was set aside for No. But forward it on in the interest of furthering our Enfield knowledge.