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Jenn burton dating & romance coach, the dating experiment that changed everything.

So I am privy to the hot, the loving, and the truly magical.

Jenn was a self-admitted dating failure.

The surprising side effect is that most women get what they want way before they expect it. That romance is static and that it should be great all the time with little creative input from her.

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An opportunity to work out her kinks, define what she wants, and learn the secrets of igniting romance anytime she likes. What makes your approach to dating and romance different? Where should we send your class access to?

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But having an online business is no easy feat. The coaching part has helped me improve my creativity. I help women create extraordinary dating adventures that lead to lifelong romance.

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There are a few: When women work with you to help them create epic dating adventures what can they expect? But the biggest and my favorite is when a women I work with finally understands that she can create and inspire a man to adore her anytime she wants and over a lifetime.

And I have much thicker skin than I did before.

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Experiences may vary based on individual user and are not guaranteed. How has the experience of coaching others to discover lifelong romance impacted your life?

Here’s Jenn …

Jenn developed a method to help women create the most incredible dating adventures while learning how to go from feeling ignored to absolutely adored by men they find insanely attractive. Mantourage Dating helps women permanently break this cycle and fully understand their role in creating everything they want romantically.

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It is however an amazing opportunity. What changes have you seen in the lives of your clients after working with you?

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View Full Site Great! Or my favorite myth: I teach women to become comfortable with managing male attention, which in turns gives her the ability to let loose and not hyper focus on making it down the aisle with one man in particular.

The business part is a mixed bag.

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Coaching actually enhances my romantic life because I get help so many women in their romantic creative process. You Are One Smart Lady.

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And then starting the cycle all over again. The Courage Kit, and E-rresistibility: What do you do, who do you love to serve? What change do you want to bring out in the world as a result of your work?

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What does an extraordinary dating adventure look like for you? Women who work with me learn my method of Mantourage Dating which is dating more than one man at once.

This method of dating is a beautiful immersion into understanding her romantic potential and possibility.

Jetting Setting Romantic Adventures to India, France, England, Costa Rica, etc Having multiple high quality men to choose from Being asked out on 6 dates in one day Having a millionaire playboy fall in love with her From never married at 45 to finding the love of life in 8 weeks And countless women ending a crappy relationship, feeling like they will never have what they want to incredible romantic adventures and relationships many including marriage.