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Is my girlfriend on dating sites,

Mostly a blackberry Email technician: Friday evening around the same time, she sends me a message to say she loves me then turns her phone off.

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For example, you may tell him that this is unacceptable to you and would lead to ending your relationship, or you may tell him that you would prefer that he stop looking.

You believe that you are in an exclusive relationship with your boyfriend.

Usually it's the sign of a cheater. Btw, I know that I cannot be possessive - I have no problems with her talking to her online male friends. Certified Email Expert with over 10 years experience. I just don't get it that some things check out - I've rung friends who confirmed her location while I was away.

So far, so good — until we were both looking at something on his laptop, and a dating website came up as one of his most visited sites.

Anyone who has done online dating seriously will confirm that there always seems to be people lurking on the edges, folks who are up for a chat but not for a meeting.

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I am an English guy. I cannot begin to tell you the feeling I have of possibly knowing that I could be sharing my girlfriend What do I say to him if anything?

I could've used her log in to delete the account but it's not my business to interfere like that. Think it's worth trying to save this?

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I am afraid he is staying with you while looking for something he would perceive as better or more exciting. Neither reflects well on him, or his self-esteem, or the way that he feels about your relationship.

One lives in this city and was asking about meeting up for a coffee she didn't reply to him. Do you know xxx local mall?

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She is wondering if this is alright, and if she should address him. It is really important to know this, because if you were OK with it the first time around, then he probably assumes you do not have a problem with it now. I live in xxx in the xxx district.

Funny how some people can save 'i love you' and act all loving and affectionate, yet be looking around behind your back I keep hoping that it's not the case here.