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Its heavy and it's a really nice one. Several earthen dams are known from Britainincluding a well-preserved example from Roman Lanchester, Longoviciumwhere it may have been used in industrial-scale smithing or smeltingjudging by the piles of slag found at this site in northern England.

Roman innovators made this already lethal weapon even more deadly.

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Patent and Trademark Office for a trademark on the hand gesture he regularly uses during concerts and public appearances - thumb, index and pinky fingers extended, with the middle and ring fingers folded down.

The pot was very tarnished. I found this unique whistle buried far beneath a bridge in Placer County California some years ago and have been trying to identify it ever since. Looks like a novelty lock and the key is missing.

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The Original Black Sabbath — compilation album. The axe and rods are of course the fasces, the ancient symbol of the authority of the roman consul of chastisement and death over Online dating site completely free people who elected him.

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The symbolism is political, and indicative of some of the far right organisations pre ww2. They can be thrown great distances before returning to earth. We brought it to Historical Society and woman wanted us to donate it but wasn't clear as to what it was?

I figured I would give your site a try, and see what happens.


Some fans interpreted this as one of the many supposed " Paul is dead " clues. For seeing when you need two or more items to be joined together to hold stitch them together and it can be to a bootanire for dances and such to hold the flower to a shirt Hey, My dad when he was younger found a bunch of these in different sizes he is not sure what they are or what they were used for.

The small tube on top is simply a vent tube that doesn't attach to anything. It's a pendant or bony pin for a quil pillow or. In Italy, one can also "touch iron" tocca ferro or touch one's nose to ward off bad luck. It looks like a leg on a old silver china set. The lorica segmentata provided better protection, but the plate bands were expensive and difficult to produce and difficult to repair in the field.

I am just curious if anyone has seen a piece like this. Advertisement Share or comment on this article: They are also marked with dots.

On one of the footed areas is etched or carved "Made in Spain". The water was used for hydraulic miningwhere streams or waves of water are released onto the hillside, first to reveal any gold-bearing ore, and then to work the ore itself.

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The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! So then we thought mabe it hung from something like a sword or Heavy metal dating sites uk harness or anything else, but then realized that would make the design hang crooked.

In small writing it says sterling. These types of tools do not have great monetary value to collectors as the most interest is on the projectile pointshowever the historical value is great, so donating it to the local historical society is a good thing to do so more folks will get a chance to see it.

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Although various levels of medicine were practiced in the ancient world, [16] the Romans created or pioneered many innovative surgeries and tools that are still in use today such as hemostatic tourniquets and arterial surgical clamps. I need help identifying the figurine below. The base of the piece is either silver or silver plate with a brass colored crown and a V and E intertwined.

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Food also features in the saucy snaps, with one lady pictured pouring a fizzy drink over her clothes on a riverbank. And the overall design could have been used as a design on a battle shield during the Crusades, similar in scope to the Israelites using the Star of David emblazoned on their battle shields when they went into combat against their enemies and they emerged victorious.

Anyway, that's my take.