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He taught various AS and A2 topics, including but not limited to elasticities, circular flow model, aggregate demand and aggregate supply analysis, multiplier effect in the AS syllabus, Gcse christmas carol essays and absolute advantage, comparison between exchange rate systems, balances of Telus landline hookup, revenue and cost analysis and market structure in the A2 syllabus.

He did exceptionally well in the first three subjects where he obtained in a First Class Honour in each particular paper. All students develop key skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening that prepare them for further study and the professional world. Some of the most popular poems studied include: IST students will learn the grammatical and syntactical parts of speech and punctuation, especially speech or quotation marks when they are being used to summarise or provide evidence to support logically reasoned arguments.

The essay includes a detailed analysis on the pros and cons between using interest rates and exchange rates as a policy instrument to manage the Hong Kong economy. These detailed and complex ideas are best conveyed through quotations that explain the effectiveness of the literary devices deployed by the poets, especially as they apply to character and theme.

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Additionally, Will has provided coursework consultation to multiple students from German Swiss International School. The students that Michelle has tutored have achieved excellent results.

To teach, IST Tutors will encourage idea generation and provide model answers. In addition to this, Will produced a 10 word dissertation on refugee integration in the UK based on over 20 interviews with refugees from Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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Jonathan has a great understanding on the exam requirements for the essay questions and could provide useful feedbacks and sample answers. During his university education, Will developed a particular interest in literary theory and the analysis of the world through a discursive and literary lens.

This experience of MA-level literary analysis, combined with his keen interest in English and world literature, has left Will able to teach on a range of texts including: For macroeconomics, he has tutored circular flow model, aggregate demand and supply, costs of high inflation and deflation, balance of Gcse christmas carol essays, fiscal policies, monetary policies and supply-side policies.

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Matthew has a wealth of experience teaching English. Microeconomics topics including but not limited to demand and supply model, price elasticity of demand, minimum wage, buffer stock scheme, production and consumption externalities, asymmetric information and government failure are tutored.

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These lessons focused on how to best write commentaries using quotations and detailed references in order to display a thorough knowledge of the content of texts. Full time undergraduate, graduate, and executive MBA university students attending campuses in Hong Kong, England, America, Canada, and international programs have benefitted from tutorial lessons in Economics and Business with Don.

Will graduated with honours from the University of Cambridge with a bachelor of arts in Geography, before gaining an MA degree with distinction in International Relations at the University of Durham. Also, he has tutored students from Island School and Shatin College on IB HL examination on topics such as market structures, economic development, economic integration and conflicts between free market and state economy.

She specialised in Human Geography and Sustainable Development.

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Writing Students are provided with opportunities that enable them to develop skills in writing in a wide variety of forms and styles and for a variety of audiences. More recently, Michelle has tutored population change, development gap, and changing urban and rural environments to a GCSE student from Badminton School.

Lessons will focus on analysing the language of a broad range of multicultural poetry, prose, and plays. He was the top economics student in the school. To practice and drill, IST English Tutors shall give students many opportunities to write creative stories in the first person and the third person, descriptive essays based on picture stimuli or personal experiences, personal argumentative opinion essays, and book reviews; and provide meaningful feedback.

During his three years as a member of Emmanuel CollegeCambridge he studied a diverse range of geographical topics including: Extra-curricular Learning Students are encouraged to participate in a range of extra-curricular opportunities in English.

Students have taken part in activities ranging from BBC School Report, to reading groups, theatre trips and poetry competitions.

Speaking and Listening The students have the opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills through a variety of classroom activities including role play, group debate and discussion and Gcse christmas carol essays presentations.

Jonathan also helped on researching Chinese economy with a student in tackling the investigation paper Paper 3 in his Cambridge Pre-U exam.

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He has been tutoring English in Hong Kong since Also, IST English Literature Tutors have a great deal of experience teaching poetry students how to write excellent essays and examination answers by teaching the students how to develop deeper understandings of the literal and figurative meanings by explaining the poems in their relevant contexts.

Jonathan is looking forward to providing advice and conducting mock interviews for prospective students who are going to apply to study in Oxbridge and the top universities in the UK.

Sam Butler About the subject In English students develop a love of language and literature, and explore a range of important themes, contexts and ideas.

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Matthew attended boarding school in England before graduating from the University of Cambridge in He has also covered aspects of gender and class in Victorian literature with students from French International School.

Will later specialised as a human geographer, completing in depth studies of contemporary India, the historical geography of the AIDS pandemic and theories of societal risk. Most recently, Matthew has planned and delivered schemes of work with differentiated learning outcomes, assessing and catering for the individual needs of a variety of recent students.