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Instant satisfaction Most of the Indian men French dating website married approached us on this site wanted to set up a meeting at the earliest, almost as if time was running out.

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Names of all individuals have been changed. Like the others that we chatted with, he, too, said that he had never cheated on his wife, who was a homemaker.

Eventually, we reached out to him. He had been married for a little less than a decade.

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After interacting with several men on this platform for almost over two weeks, we realised that most of them relied on the Internet because leaving behind the baggage of the real world seemed like a tempting offer. In a bid to understand what it is that leads married men and women in India to cheat on their partners, we decided to interact with some firsthand.

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Without even asking us for our picture, he invited us over. He found the idea of cheating on her far simpler than working out their dailyschedule.

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The website, probably, gave him the strength of anonymity. When we refused to comply, he asked us for our picture to compensate. Kampani never asked us for sex directly.

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During our interactions, the reasons the men shared with us for cheating ranged from boredom, to an inactive sex life and even general intimacy issues.

No female appeal As expected, our male profile got no takers. We created two profiles on the site with no photographs — one of a year-old married man, and the other, a year-old married woman, both from Mumbai.

He left us a few messages, giving us a fixed time at which to chat, and insisted that we meet as soon as possible.

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Eventually, when we got talking about what led him to this site, he started complaining about his wife. His sex life was not entirely inactive they had sex once a month only when his wife wanted to either, but it clearly lacked the zing.

He had been married to a homemaker for four years. The first person who approached us was a year-old businessman, named Shekhar Sharma.

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But the female profile had a flurry of requests from potential partners. Being a doctor, he said he was attracted to many of his female patients, but never knew how to approach them. He spent more of his time asking us for guidance on how he could approach women who he meets regularly.