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Kai Kai is not so much a change of opinion but an admittance to me being unsure. Take it however you will.

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He loves to be involved and experience new things. I shall be omitting Kris, Luhan, and Tao since there really is nothing new I've seen since my original post and there is nothing to add to them anyways.

Sehun Originally posted I felt he was bisexual but a part of me has developed ideas that have brewed with some recent things happening.

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I think he's gay. If it came out he was gay, he probably feels he would be outcast, not just by his friends and countrymen, but around the world.

He loves to be coddled. Shy and introverted but not gay.

Nothing has ever changed that. Honestly he probably wants someone, first off his own age, and very feminine.

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But where Kai just stays quiet and watches his actions, Tao actively tries to disprove them, and unfortunately fails pretty epically. Honestly, again, I wish he was gay but he comes across very straight.

He's never given any actions or mannerisms that indicate otherwise.

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He has displayed a very strong "Who cares" attitude when it comes to his ships. He's definitely had his moments his scene with Sehun was quite a treat for many but I see it as only fan service.

Finally I have had people say these posts are inappropriate. He's a simple guy who appreciates the simple pleasures of life and doesn't deviate from his own beliefs.

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We love you Kai however you were born. In closing to this rant, if you want to debate and discuss these issues or opinions with me, I'm more than happy to and enjoy and good discussion.

Now that I have seen more evidence and different angles of him, I keep Website design dating site the feeling he could be bisexual.

You may have to baby him since he really seems to like having someone care for him or really display affection towards him but Exo dating analysis doubt he'd have any trouble getting that attention.

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He's the papa of the crew and even if he were gay or bisexual he'd never do anything with any of them. It can crush career opportunities and has led to plenty of individuals taking Exo dating analysis own lives.

He expresses it through speaking and being loud.

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I firmly believe he views masculinity through athleticism and he often tries to display strong athletic traits when with other members on camera. I'm really stuck between straight and bisexual.