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Barbara is seen with her new boyfriend, Norm, in "The Unkindest Cut" until he breaks up with her in season three. Tom lashes out on Erica in particular, Dr.

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Tom when she ran away from home in after their last fight in the park. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. He is seen interacting with Dr. Though initially put off by his profession, Sam gradually warms up to Lenin. By the end of Season Two, Brent Kennedy showed his true colours when he brought down Julianne Giacomelli's reign at River Rock Publishing — and got both her and Erica fired in the process.

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His office is a lush green field surrounded by forest with glass furniture. Tom, has the power to send her back in time so she can to try to fix her mistakes. She is direct, yet calm in her demeanour, although she becomes noticeably more agitated when expressing her concerns about Dr.

His office is very regal, and looks very much like a study or a library.

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Erica believed her mother was the reason for her parents' divorce, when in reality, it was her father's infidelity — a fact which was kept secret from Erica. Tom] on stage and do Shakespeare.

On the day of her interview, Sam meets Lenin as he helps clean up her shoe which had just gotten stained from wet paint on the door.

He is generally portrayed as a fast-talking and relentlessly self-promoting charlatan who owes his success more to his ability to bullshit and intimidate people than to any real talent as a self-help guru.

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Leo returns one last time as Erica is transported by Dr. In a regret she goes on with Erica, she confronts a co-worker who stole so much money that their employer went bankrupt. She has a master's degree in English literature. Julianne often misuses airquotesmuch to the aggravation of Erica.

He and Sam are expecting their first child together and give birth to a baby boy they name Leo after her deceased brother. Tom's long-missing, heroin-addicted daughter and now Dr.

Instead, shortly after she has saved him and returns to an entirely changed present time where she is successful and Leo is an architect, Leo gets in a fatal car accident, as no one is allowed to play God or interfere with the paths of others; only their own.

In the second season, she left Canada and moved to Los Angeles in order to follow her new boyfriend. He realizes that he wants his girlfriend back and reunites with her, along with Erica's help. This forces Sam to consult a lawyer and counter-file in response.

Sam decides to separate from Josh and he files for divorce with the intent of taking every asset from their marriage.

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Jenny is then seen crying in the hall outside Erica's apartment, having lost the only friend she ever had. Erica Strange Erin Karpluk — the protagonist in the series.

In season 4, Julianne becomes Erica's second training patient due to her insecurity. Each time she faces a problem in the present, Dr.

Judith then decides to cut off contact with Will to save her marriage. Ethan Wakefield Tyron Leitso — Ethan is a fourth grade teacher and has been Erica's best friend since their university days. Characters[ edit ] Because the show involves time travel, very young versions of the characters are played at times by different actors.

Leo Strange Devon Bostick — Erica's deceased older brother, who died 13 years before the series begins.

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It is she that helped him become the person that Erica knows to this day. Tom's test at the end of group therapy and becomes a trainee doctor. In the season 3 finale, Erica passes Dr.