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The Balliols and the Douglases were also more or less closely associated with Annan.

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Apart from its historical interest, this memorial sits in a spectacular location overlooking the loch, woodlands and surrounding hills.

Cairnholy pictured left and Torhouse Stone Circle are two notable examples. The four cooling towers were demolished in The county is rich in prehistoric monuments and Mobile christian dating, amongst the most notable of which are the Drumtroddan Standing Stones and cup-and-ring carvingsthe Torhousekie Stone Circleboth in Wigtownshire and Cairnholy a Neolithic Chambered Cairn.

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Sayersinitially published in the US as Suspicious Characters, sees Lord Peter Wimseyon holiday in Kirkcudbrightinvestigating the death of an artist living at Gatehouse of Fleet ; the book contains some remarkable descriptions of the countryside.

Alan's eldest daughter, Derbhorgail Latinized as Dervorguillamarried John de Ballioland their son also John became one of the candidates for the Scottish Crown.

Annan Academy has a history that goes back to the 17th century[ citation needed ] and alumni including Thomas Carlyle. Many gardens on the acid soils of this area are particularly noted for azaleas and rhododendrons in early summer.

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The Community of Galloway was defeated, and Galloway divided up between Alan's daughters, thus bringing Galloway's independent existence to an end. Consequently, Scotland's Wars of Independence were disproportionately fought in Galloway.

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Glenwhan Garden, nearby in Dunragit, is also worth a visit. He had three daughters and an illegitimate son Thomas.

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The generally south slope and southern coast make for mild and wet climate, and there is a great deal of good pasture. Good examples lie on the main A75 road and can be found at Carsluith, Cardoness, Threave pictured rightGlenluce and Stranraer.

Many of the gardens offer refreshments and also plants for sale. Ice-breakers The 'Ice-breaker' is a great way to send an introductory message to local people instantly and saves you precious time in finding what you want. If it had not been for Fergus of Galloway who established himself in Galloway, the region would rapidly have been absorbed by Scotland.

Galloway landmarks on Ptolemy's map[ edit ] Landmarks according to Ptolemy. Customer Care All new members are manually approved.

There is also evidence of one of the earliest pit-fall traps in Europe which was discovered near GlenluceWigtownshire. History and Archaeology The long history of human inhabitation of this part of the country and the fact that so little of it has been built over, means that Galloway has a wealth of historical and archaeological sites, ranging from prehistoric cairns and stone circles to old castles, abbeys, churches and ancient gravestones.

It was at Annan in December that Bruce supporters overwhelmed Balliol's forces to bring about the end of the first invasion of Scotland in the Second War of Scottish Independence.

Ninians church established in the 4th Century.

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Middle Ages[ edit ] 11th century A Brythonic speaking kingdom dominated Galloway until the late 7th century when it was taken over by the English kingdom of Bernicia. Five Red Herringsa whodunit by Dorothy L.

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To describe the environment as semi-tropical is an exaggeration, but sites such as Logan Gardens on the Mull of Galloway, a dependency of the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, do exhibit exotic plants and trees from warm climates such as South Africa and South America.

The landmarks were identified long ago, and a number of them relate to Galloway: This can be seen in the context of widespread Norse domination of the Irish Seaincluding extensive settlement in the Isle of Man and in the now English region of Cumbria immediately south of Galloway.

Whithorn remained an important cultural centre, and all the medieval Kings of Scots made pilgrimages there.

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Traditionally it has been described as stretching from "the braes of Glenapp to the Nith". The 2nd century geographer Ptolemy produced a map of Britain in his Geographyin which he describes the landmarks and peoples of the island.

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Randy Rabbits will automatically switch to a simpler user interface if you use your mobile. In modern times, Stranraer was a major ferry port, but the company have now moved to Cairnryan.

Since then, electricity generation has been a significant industry. Gardens There are many gardens open to the public in due season. More recently wind turbines have been installed at a number of locations on the watershed, and a large offshore wind-power plant is planned, increasing Galloway's 'green energy' production.

Castle Kennedy pictured on the A75 towards Stranraer, is worth a visit, not so much for the romantic, ivy clad ruins of the castle, destroyed by fire inbut for the gardens.