PIOGMD - PIONEER GM-D 2,Watt Class D Mono Amp: Car Electronics PIOGMD - PIONEER GM-D 2,Watt Class D Mono Amp: Car Electronics

Dual 400 watt amp hook up, frequently bought together

Gibson GA-5 by Mojotone Amppic2Identical to the Gibson amp above side by sideother than a different speaker and yellow tolex but identical case, chassis, and same quality components.

If you're an ADA fan, this might be your only chance to get your hands on one of these rare and great sounding amps - and a piece of ADA history.

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This model achieved benchmark status beginning with Townsend and Hendrix and carried on through EVH, with a virtual who's-who of rock players since. Fuchs Lucky 7 Head - Purplepaneltopback.

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The hand-wired series, which offered little profit margin, soon fell victim to corporate thinking and was discontinued in favor of the "Superdrive II", which were strictly circuit board designs.

The K Spot is built with ultra lightweight year-old pine. This unit is in beautiful shape, other than some discoloration to the grill cloth and seems to work perfectly.

I have used one of these as my personal amp for over a 3 years, testing guitars several times a day and, more importantly, to take a brief break from work and just jam out.

With a 12AX7 to warm up the preamp, and a 6V6 cranking out 15 watts of tube power, this amp has the warm, natural sound of a tube amp.

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This amp is tuned perfectly and needs nothing to create what might be the finest tone you've ever heard. Both head and cab 30"X20"X11" are in matching Dual 400 watt amp hook up tolex, identical to factory original except not yellowed out like an original - and grill cloth is slightly different with oxblood on the head; wheat on the cab.

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The 1X15 cabinet is made by Gries, a small company in Mass. A Big thanks to UPS!: Everything was just tweaked and the amp works perfectly. The Custom 7 is a little 7-watt Class A with a 10" Fane speaker that features the legendary English hand-wired construction of Hiwatt's Classic Series.

I've heard that Mojo built Gibson's GA-5's but also built a few like this one without the Gibson logo and "Les Paul Junior" screened on the control panel.

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They are so 'acid safe' that its legal to ship these on a plane. The rear panel has an effects loop and D.

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Although rated at 35 watts don't be fooled. Way more than an amp, the G-Dec is a great practice tool with backing tracks bass, drums, onboard midi synthmulti-effect, phrase recorder, looper, and more. This is a good battery that offers a little more capacity at a little lower price than the Optima batteries.

Unlike gasoline, liquid propane can be stored for years.

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I have 3 of these in stock, including mint in the box with manual, one in very good condition, and this one, in excellent condition. The Transformer-isolated line out has adjustable level control and a built-in dummy load if you only want to hear the tone in your headphones.

Cosmetically it's very clean with the worst flaws being some corrosion to the straps and handle caps on top, and some minor finish reaction on the panel.

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Inside it's loaded with four 10" 16 ohm Vox Gold Bulldogs Oxford made with ceramic magnets, wired in parallel to make a 4 ohm load. Fender smartly stuck with generally the same models from year to year while Gibson tended to turn out different models every few years.

The Leslie houses a Jensen C8R, date coded 1st week of '65, and has a rotating baffle to create the swirling sound that Leslies are famous for. It just looks like one of those big roll around chargers, but that is what the output of this one is.

You'll have to see the video. You can use this with your existing preamp, or in the case of the Workingman below, you can use the watts from the Workingman to power your high frequencies such as 10" cabinetand this amp to power your lows such as a 2X15" cab.

Give them a call and they will be glad to help you out. Channel effects are remembered when you return to the channel, meaning you can set up your clean and overdrive sounds and return to them over and over again without having to readjust your settings.


It's a very simple circuit but built with quality components throughout. Like the Palomino, the tone control is complex, completely changing the character of the tone, somewhat interactive with the volume control where the tone shift is more pronounced the louder the volume is cranked.

If you're playing one guitar over two amps, but you want to send both amps through the same speaker cabinet Dual 400 watt amp hook up here's the answer, the Palmer E-FROG. Full specs and manual are at SWR's site here.