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The recurring dagger in season 4, finally coming into focus in "We All Fall Down", apparently has the power to kill or destroy anything by "casting it out", from impenetrable barriers to an Enemy Within without killing the host. Fashion designer Damian in "Age Before Beauty" embraces all of the gay fashionista stereotypes.

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After an ancient artifact turns a museum employee into a Manchurian Agent that allegedly tries to kill the president, two Secret Service agents who came too close to knowing the truth and have special skills that allowed them to do soPete Lattimer and Myka Bering, get transferred to South Dakota.

Artie keeps calling Fargo "Bismarck" in " And This Is for The Warehouse fills several stadiums worth of reality and physics bending items, but Myka is always questioning the legitimacy of any urban legend.

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In "Insatiable", she does so in a conversation about the living dead. After wearing it enables the three of them to find MacPherson's trail, Artie realizes that the glasses they were using were just a replica; apparently anyone who put on the original pair never wanted to take them off.

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Marshal, a poetry-spouting hit man, and a vicious lady kingpin. Ryan's new job as a male stripper in a police uniform, gain him access to almost anywhere as this hysterical game of cat and mouse gets out of control. Without the other half, the program takes everything too logically.

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The Count De Saint-Germain, his wife, and her son apparently gained similar immortality through the Philosopher's Stone, with the added benefit of a Healing Factor that takes care of things like poison or broken necks. Outside of hunting down the new artifacts, there is always a dilemma cooking up back at the warehouse where one of the miscellaneous items is being experimented on, stupidly misused or otherwise going haywire.

But the joke's on Jack when he returns home and finds that his former sweetheart is rapidly falling for a con-man. This is also affirmed by Artie.

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Timeline "I like to think of it as America's attic. Wells in the season 2 premiere. Kicked up a notch in the next episode, where Paracelsus meddles with time and makes himself the sole proprietor of the Warehouse starting from the day he was bronzed.

Used as a weapon aside, of course, from MacPherson stabbing Artie with itit's shown in "The Greatest Gift" to cut through a computer monitor with one swing.

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It apparently has the power to kill anything, which is suggested as a means of killing Paracelcus. The Warehouse itself has a Omniscient Council Of Vaguenessbetween its Agents, Caretaker and Regents, but there are individuals who have an eye on unlocking its secrets for their own means.

This series provides examples of: Shown in "Implosion", the Masamune sword is so sharp that it can cleave rays of light, effectively making its holder invisible. Another one, Pete's mother is an elementary school teacher.

In "Stand", Sykes activates the Warehouse's portal link to the old Regent refuge in order to infiltrate it and both steal the Colodi bracelet and kill Jane Lattimer.

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