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We'd locate the owners manuals, tear them apart, clean and rebuild them. Henry Disston's backsaw design changed dramatically over a span of five to eight years during the 's.

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I hope you find this to be a valuable resource for you and that you'll be willing to share your own knowledge and expertise about old woodworking tools. Maiden Street was later renamed Laurel. In most modern serrated saws, the teeth are set, so that the kerf the width of the cut will be wider than the blade itself.

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However, it does share a number of unique traits with the next medallion, which uses the earliest of the domed nuts which do not require a special screwdriver for tightening. This and the medallion from the period below are the most common eagle medallions.

The industry gradually mechanized all the processes, including the important grinding the saw plate "thin to the back" by a fraction of an inch, which helped the saw to pass through the kerf without binding Moxon, ibid, p Electric miter saw or "chop saw," or "cut-off saw" or "power miter box": The pull stroke also reduces the amount of stiffness required.

The process used to form the early medallions was to make a line of impressions of the medallion in fine casting sand, connecting them with a channel. Disston purchased the lot next door and erected a new factory building within a very short time.

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The crucible pot method was used to melt the ore and scraps to form ingots. It leases land from the adjacent and still operating St.

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Directory of American Tool and Machinery Patents - Very helpful resource for collectors who want to know more about the history of the tools they own or are looking to buy. Just north of Princeton Street, along the Delaware, is the Quaker City Yacht Club, a private club for boating enthusiasts and social members, established in Many buildings remain, but most are in poor shape.

The kerf may be sometimes be wider than the set, depending on wobble and other factors.

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An "adjustable" dado blade has a movable locking cam mechanism to adjust the degree to which the blade wobbles sideways, allowing continuously variable groove widths from the lower to upper design limits of the dado. As before, this is a work in progress and will be revised again when the need arises.

Rotary saw or "spiral-cut saw" or "RotoZip": There is a growing library of information about Stanley ToolsStanley PlanesMillers Falls, Sargent, Craftsman Disston, and other vintage tool brands coming to this site. Stacks of grinding stones are visible where Unruh Street meets the Delaware River, some stuck together with concrete and formerly used as a bulkhead.

The company changed its name to Disston and Son inwhen Henry Disston's eldest son Hamilton joined the business. The Best Things - An online antiques and collectibles store. Any voids, particularly in the shaft, would have resulted in scrap.

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This medallion has been seen on several 7 rip saws which include patent dates. The temperature in the file oven was crucial to this operation, as too much heat would prevent the file from being properly teethed and too little heat would not allow the workman to successfully mold the tang.

The armor-plate building had large dies that stamped out plates of steel for tanks in World War II.