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They both laughingly deny it, but assure him they're very good friends.

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And they appeared again in the 2nd episode of season 3 at the end of the episode where Cam and Mitchell are working out post-juice fast. Vanessa and Elenore in earlier episodes.

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Can often become an Unrequited Love Switcheroo situation. Ayako and Akame start doubting it in the very next chapter.

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Cable and Domino have a long history, during which they've been everything from genuinely just friends to teammates to Friends with Benefits to lovers. Then we figured they're already mean enough, can you imagine one of them pregnant?

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It pays to pay attention. This combination of her pining for one boy while treasuring another above anything else has left both boys as the A of a type-4 Triang Relations.

Meanwhile, Medaka think her feelings are one-sided because the first time she met, she proposed to him and he said no; again, Zenkichi was two years old at the time and doesn't even remember the meeting, but she seems to think he hasn't changed his mind. However, it's assumed by everyone that the two are dating including the mentioned pair, themselves — Yuusuke asks Keiko not to dump him at one point.

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Haruhi being a trap complicates things by causing them to project an image that brings flocks of yaoi fangirls to them. Zenkichi feels like she doesn't understand normal humans and doesn't think Didi games valentine love dating can keep up with her.

She also was briefly able to teach Alex how to get popular.

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These items included Gloria's karaoke microphone. It's played straight for Youko; she starts the story Oblivious to Love and later on, when the thought finally crosses her mind, she dismisses it since she wrongly thinks she causes Asahi too much trouble and he's just too nice to say anything about it.

At the end during her camera interview, we see the scorpion in the background on her dresser and we hear her scream over the end vanity plate.

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In "Patriot Games", Gloria was excited to become an America citizen so that she could serve on a jury. Also deconstructed in the same episode in that the one person who has a reason to think this a male character doesn't.

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Sugimura confesses his feelings for Shizuku, but she tells him that she only likes him as a friend for two reasons. You have been warned.

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Only for just right before he can say anything, she thanks Daisuke for being such a good friend to her, heavily emphasizing the word friend. Like Brother and Sister: Braces of Orthodontic Overkill: The characters are thought to be romantically interested in each other but neither are remotely interested.

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Lily's 2nd birthday is celebrated in "Princess Party" and she has a party for her 8th in "The Storm. Played ironically during the stinger for "Lifetime Supply".

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Phil's birthday is the focus of "Game Changer". This is a Love Trope and entries may spoil the endings of relationships and works as a whole. Also, though he's initially mad at himself for unintentionally friend zoning himself, later on he muses that it's probably better things went this way, since if he'd confessed to her after learning her secret, it would have felt like he was blackmailing her.

Haruhi being utterly, completely Oblivious to Love doesn't help either.