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This chart shows the point area. This street map, despite the title, shows only the immediate city.

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This large foldout map shows the street layout, rail and street car lines, ward boundaries, etc. The verso has a view of the Ohio River from Marietta.

Oakland developed rapidly following the Great Fire of in Downtown Pittsburgh, with many people moving out to suburban territory.

Crazy to think that just providing windows for people was a big deal, but it was!

Blog of the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Office

Bythe company was successful enough that Heinz bought out his family and created a new company to package and sell his famous Tomato Ketchup, the H. All this to make your searching experience safe and easy. The map has an index to points of interest.

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This is a map of downtown with part of the north Allegheny and south Birmingham shores. The expansion of the city away from the Point area is now obvious.

Pittsburgh Air Brake Co.

The complete plan is also shown in Stotz II Hyndman was a Pittsburgh map seller located at 7 Wood Street. Its Main Business District runs along Forbes and Fifth Avenue, and contains a diversity of restaurants, retailers, and financial services.

None of these fields are shown on the map.

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The last 2 maps are illustrated here. Rainey, Revised Edition - Jan.

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However, the border between Central Oakland and South Oakland is further south than they believe. There is no text, just the 5 illustrations: A large and colorful poster with a cartoon bird's eye view of the city.

It is printed in relief and is likely a stereotype from a very large wood engraving. The strike lasted forty-five days, but the implications lasted longer.