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I am currently dating a soldier.

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The depot covers more than 65 square km and hosts over 2, employees on site. Covers all or parts of six states. He was always there to help me when I needed him.

The Engineer Regiment[ edit ] See also: He was extremely interested in getting to know me. They also found several false Nigerian passports and driving licenses. Originally designated as Camp Lee, the base is still a functioning Army post today. I told her to send them to me.

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A lot of them are funny and interesting. This means that soldiers going to, or returning from Iraq all pass through Camp Arifjan. It is situated in northern New York, just 30 miles from Canada border. I get this one a lot, not in those words necessarily. The base is relatively small and is adjacent to another base nearby — Dreamland.

Why would he admit it to you?

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They are owned and operated by each of the five branches of the military. It is mostly a complementary camp for the more advanced Camp Casey.

It is only 20 km away from the borders with Iran and 60 km from Baghdad.

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Army abroad as in Europe e. This will probably be true for you, and even your guy, as well. There are currently no active troops inhabiting the base.

He has only been gone for 4 weeks and its already starting to tear me apart. And I could never watch it again. Among these bases is Fort Hunter Liggett, one of four bases operated under the Army in the state of California.