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Each of our old violins are sold with a good quality hard case included in the price. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has an Amati violin that may be even older, possibly dating to but just like the Charles IX the date is unconfirmed. Bottom, left of centre, is an infant playing a three-stringed violin The cupola of Madonna dei Miracoli in Saronnowith angels playing violin, viola and cello.

The necks as well are all oiled for an unmatched feel of comfort and luxury for the player. This is a great sounding instrument with plenty of tone and volume.

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It also comes with numerous accessories, including a horsehair bow with ebony frogrosin and a lightweight case. We are especially pleased to be able to offer these two superb examples of the work of Emile Germain.

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Dendrochronologyor tree-ring dating, has proved this false. With over members we are sure you will find that special someone to hook up today. The most famous violin makers, between the early 16th century and the 18th century included: These old violins or antique violins are all carefully selected and priced in such a way that they are a good investment to the player.

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It is easy to play and has a typical 20th century Italian sound. The experience with the Chanot family proved to be the catalyst for his career, as he was influenced by their working techniques and models. This violin is in excellent playing condition and produces a good mellow tone with plenty of volume.

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This violin is a reproduction of a violin by Ansaldo Poggi. Among his posts, he was the luthier to the prestigious Milan Conservatory and supplier to the Toscanini Orchestra. With such a striking attention to detail is applied to the student can trust that their instrument will guide them through the early learning process and will aid and assist on their journey and development as they build upon their playing skills.

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Pressenda of Turin and was actually certified as a Pressenda by several well-known experts in the early 20th century. A highly respected maker, he also did extensive research in varnish chemistry. His primary focus was on tonality.

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A few years later, on a fresco inside the cupola of the church of Madonna dei Miracoli in Saronnoangels play three instruments of the violin family, corresponding to violin, viola and cello.

He came to America in and worked at the famous Rembert Wurlitzer shop along with his brother Vincenzo plus some of the best makers of the mid 20th. The majority of the listeners misidentified the winning violin as the Stradivarius. This violin has a wonderful "old Italian" sound. It features Swiss-style ebony fittings and an ebony fingerboard with a lightweight tailpiece for easier tuning.

It was sold by the Nippon Music Foundation in aid of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami appeal.

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It features a hardwood chin rest, nylon tailpiece loop, red label strings and an alloy tailpiece with four tuners. The instruments Ferrari depicts have bulging front and back plates, strings which feed into peg-boxes with side pegs, and f-holes.

The second son of violin maker Carlo Carletti, Orfeo worked closely with his older brother, Natale. The model is a superior Scott Cao violin made in the method of the Stradivari Hellier.

This accurate information gives the violinist the peace of mind they are getting a quality violin which not only sounds good but makes that person feel comfortable knowing that they have made a good investment.

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It also features a maple fingerboard, tailpiece, chin rest and hand-carved pegs.