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There's also a state-of-the-art Imax theater offering a wide range of science and nature related films. Another museum dedicated to the city's industrial past is the Glass Museum, opened in and concentrating on the history of glassmaking in the region. Also worth a visit for those wanting to learn more about the city's history is the Metropolitan Museum Museo Metropolitano de Monterreyand the Museo de Monterrey with its large collection of modern art by Latin American artists.

Fiesta Americana Monterrey Pabellon M: His firm ideas and strict discipline and created an authoritarian regime that lead to the stability required to establish the grounds for the industrialisation and economic development of Monterrey.

El Cerro de la Silla, a hill thus named 'silla' meaning chair or saddle given the shape of its cusp, which looks very much like a horse saddle.

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One of these is Cintermex, a wonderful exhibition and congress centre, where some of the most important trade fairs in the country take place. Monterrey is famous for its educational institutions.

When one hears about Monterrey, it is common to come across references to its most famous features: Widely regarded as one of the best examples of modern sacral architecture in Mexico, this unusual looking catholic church - it's not unlike a WWII era aircraft hangar with its tall walls that curve up to form the ceiling - was constructed by Enrique de la Mora y Palomar in In addition to its many excellent temporary exhibitions, MARCO boasts an extensive permanent collection of modern art from across the country.

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Along the way, you'll discover numerous interesting sculptures including a genuine Canadian Inukshuk, a stone landmark or cairnfountains, and other architectural highlights as the river meanders through the pleasant parkland along its riverbanks.

Built inthis hi-tech museum offers visitors a look at Mexico's rich history since the first people settled around the country thousands of years ago to colonial times and the present day through its vast collections and many interactive displays.

Fundidora's highlights include a number of fun attractions for kids, including playgrounds, an ice rink, and Sesame Street Park, a theme park based upon the popular TV show.

A fun attraction suitable for all ages is the superb Alfa Planetarium Planetario Alfa. Many of these well-preserved houses, colonial in appearance, are now excellent restaurants and bars, popular among the young and the not so young, especially at the weekends.

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Be sure to book the services of an English speaking guide or purchase an English language guidebook upon entry. Built within a former steel mill, this fascinating attraction on the perimeter of Fundidora Park celebrates the city's long tradition as a steel manufacturing hub.

History of Monterrey It being one of the oldest cities in the country, Monterrey has a rich historical background which shows the strength and sheer determination of its inhabitants.

What is known as Gran Plaza o Macro Plaza, a large green esplanade located in the heart of the city, has many underground shops and restaurants and is surrounded by important historical and governmental buildings, as well as theatres and beautiful constructions such as the Catedral Metropolitana.

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One of the leading such Online dating germiston in Latin America, the planetarium includes highlights such as an observatory offering evening stargazing workshops, interactive technology, and hands-on science exhibits, as well as an aviary with bird species from across Latin America.

Other Macroplaza highlights include the sandstone Government Palace Palacio de Gobierno with its colonial patio and fresco-decorated state apartments and artifacts, among them the guns used to execute Emperor Maximilian and his generals in A short time after, Francisco Villa, 'el Centauro del Norte' would arrive.

It has several tracks for runners who wish to make their way to the top, and a narrow road for those who prefer cycling, or simply driving up.

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Eventually several universities were established in the area. Another worthwhile diversion is to the beautiful Horsetail Waterfalls Cola de Caballo about 40 kilometers southwest of the city. Although not granted cathedral status untilthis impressive structure has long been the seat of the local archdiocese.

A fun way to experience the riverwalk is to stroll to Fundidora Park and explore its attractions before heading back to Macroplaza by boat.

Surrounded by imposing mountains, the city offers the visitor many different places to visit, not only its splendid natural parks spreading across the highest parts of the city, but a wide range of museums, shops, sports facilities, historical monuments, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, etc.

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View from Marcoplaza Share: It's also fun for families traveling with children due to its carousel and pleasant walking trails. Perhaps making up for the city's lack of ancient Mayan or Aztec archaeological sites - Monterrey was never settled prior to the arrival of the Spanish - the Mexican History Museum Museo de Historia Mexicana boasts a superb collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts.

The building itself is something of a piece of art, with highlights including its sculpture garden and a fascinating courtyard with a reflective mirror fountain.

Perhaps the best known landmark - and certainly the easiest to spot - is the meter-high Lighthouse of Commerce Faro del Comercioa massive rectangular structure that is particularly impressive at night when its dazzling green laser shoots out across the city.

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It was in these times of prosperity that the Palacio de Gobierno, now to the North of what is known as the Macroplaza, was built. Trade and industry have been the most important factors of the city's modern history, as of Mexican modern history.

However, the evangelisation had started a long time before and by that time, there were already many temples and churches in the area. The world's fourth largest public square, Monterrey's Macroplaza is a great place to begin a tour of the city due to its proximity to many of the most important tourist attractions, most within walking distance or an easy bus or subway ride.