Guide to eating fish, Lake Victoria - Diary of a Muzungu Guide to eating fish, Lake Victoria - Diary of a Muzungu

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This blog post is based on an article I wrote for Nakumatt Smartlife magazine. I have lost count.

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That keeps them around for the while you are there and just the right amount of interested — not clingy, but ready to go in more ways than one.

To this day I regret not having kept in touch.

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Internationally, he is perhaps better known for his role in the film The Last King of Scotland. If possible, leave your car and walk the last few hundred metres.

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Naughty Nomad November 8, at 6: Her approach was similar, but much watered down from yours. I guess the West has infected her.

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And can the Muzungu join too? As if to prove the point, midway through the interview, Stephen answers his phone: The more people we can churn out, the better for the arts.

If you wanna challenge yourself, go to a place that you think will be hard for you to get pussy. I guess resemblance with that man was not there or a fight broke out revealing the truth?

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Further, I think Uganda is great!! There are different venues for different tastes.

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Therefore, I wanted to organise boys and girls who had similar talents to mine and ensure that, rather than begging and moaning, they could utilise their talent capital to self actualisation.

By the way sex is death also in the fact that unfortunately one of my business colleagues who travelled as much as I did but I guess had riskier behavior than I did, is now living and will most probably die of HIV!

None of them would come knowing all the dances.

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With sleepless nights, alcohol galore, gorgeous women.